Monday, November 30, 2009

Oooops almost forgot....
to post the next layout in the class....
Happy Monday everyone!


Monday, November 23, 2009

waiting till the last minute....
it is what I do..... you all know that! lol ok so here is the layout for this weeks class at the is a sold out class sorry girls but we will be doing another session, watch the calendar at the scrapyard for further info!
I am really trying to keep up and post all of the layouts I know I have slacked in some.... sorry! So hard to believe that it is almost December 1st.... on Tims blog he just announced that he will in fact be doing nother round of the twelve days of Christmas! So excited about that! That guy is so talented, so much inspiration! Life is keeping things so busy around here I am finding it hard to blog very much so bare with me i am really trying to be oranized but you all know how it goes! Have a great day everyone!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Love these guys!

Happy Wednesday!

ps you will have to hit puse on my playlist so that you can hear this song....

Monday, November 16, 2009

Just wanted to share some favorites from the last little while..... and to post the next layout for the Shabby Chic album class..... this is Shalaina when she was 2, such a little sweetie and now here she is getting all grown up on me.... where do the days go? Life just seems to be flying by!
a random shot of Sharla that I love!

and a shot off Sharla and her cute boyfriend! They are so cute! (hope they don't mind!)
Until the next time! Love the comments by the way!


Thursday, November 05, 2009

This is so not perfect.....

K.... it is perfect to me......
if I was worried about this picture being totally correct..... correct exposure, correct lighting..... correct focus, so on and so on......i totally blew it..... but I LOVE it! It works for me! I have been so caught up lately with getting perfect picture that I have been forgetting about the everyday moments.... the little things that matter..... Kade giving his momma a little smoochey.... gotta love it! He is such a little sweetie his little personality.... I love if you are taking photos and think oh that one so did not work think again it is probably that picture perfect moment..... keep it, use it...... life is keeping me so busy Rob and Sharla have been busy getting my house in order, painting rooms and all the trim in the house, changing it from the beautiful oak to even more beautiful white.... can't wait until it is all done! I am teaching twice a week at the scrapyard which is totally keeping me out of busy....but its all good!