Saturday, February 27, 2010

started out as a beautiful day.... sunny, warm...well warm for this time of year anyways! lol I scheduled a photoshoot for 3:30 in the afternoon cause afterall that would be the warmest time of the day! So yea.... since we live in Calary and something outside was planned it started to cloud over at about 3 and ot nice and chilly by 3:30! lol
We all braved the chilly weather and got some great shots anyways though! Although it took me most of the evening to warm up! Here are a few favorites from yesterday!
Little Miss S is a little doll! And she has prretty awesome parents too! Thanks guys it was so fun!


Monday, February 22, 2010

how's things?

i totally know I am supposed to be posting the layout for this weeks class.... but since there isn't any pictures on it.... well none that you can see I am not posting it.... only


all of the pics are
on my camera still and I don't feel
like plugging it in...


Happy Monday!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Layout # ?????????

Ok so I have totally lost track.... sixteen or seventeen though.... Hard to believe we have almost completed a whole album! We Just STARTED!!!!! lol.... I love what everyone is doin with the albums too.... they are gorgeous.... we have to have a show and tell soon.....If you need to know pictture size, just call the scrapyard!and this boy is adorable! HOw cute is he blowing Grammy kisses.... gotta love it! It is amazing how busy he is even without walking he can' really gett around.... Manda is now 26 weeks pregnant with her next one and for those of you that don't know... I am going to have another Grandbaby this summer so that will be two more this year! WOW!!!!! Shar is expecting too..... so Happy for them both! She is going to find out what she is having in a couple of weeks! Manda already knows she is havin a girl! How fun! We are going to have one busy summer!!!! Have a ggreat Saturday everyone, us girls are off to a Valentines party with some amazing girls! Can't wait!


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Embrace Life Today.....
Life passes us by so quick and then we look back on our memories.....thats what we have embedded in our minds.... Embrace every moment today....

Layout for the class this week, have a great week everyone!


Monday, February 01, 2010

Happy Monday!

I woke up a bit late this mornin.....well 7:20 instead of 7 and jumped out of bed! I had to get Cole up for his first morning back after 2 weeks off..... oh I forgot to mention they just had two weeks off at Christmas and here we were again..... so after two weeks of listening to him playin that crazy game the house is quiet again.....until about 4 then it starts all over again! Life has been busy teaching classes at the scrapyard, had a great class on Saturday! Loved it! This layout in this post is #15 so we have 5 more to go and then on to the next fun! Had to post some of the latest pics of sweet little Kade, you gotta love the expression on his face! I made him his hat..... how cute is that? Well happy Monday everyone, have a geat week!