Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Whew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! life is busy! Just wanted to share few things for this week! First I am having an afternoon class on Thursday...."a week in my life" album....should be fun Here is little peek at mine.... will share more later!

second is our sweet little Kade and Manda! How sweet is he(she is kind of sweet herself!) It is so hard to believe that he is almost 5 months! Where do the days go?
I LOVE this shot! Not sure what the little guy is thinking but how adorable! It is like Grammy can you quit already????

and third it is word up #40..... Unreal heh? I know time flies! Our new gals also posted their creations this time around! Go and check them all out! The word up for this time was 'energy' like what? I have to admit I was like uhhhhhhhmmmmmmm not sure what to do and then I realized that Shalaina is so full of energy.... she doesn't stop.... I would like some of that myself! Make sure you go over to OLW and check everyone out! Until next time!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Word up #39.....
the word up for this time is "listen". Love that.... Listen, like truly listen.... Gi picked our word for this time and she posted an amazing little write up about the word listen. Like what does it mean to you? I know for me life seems so busy that I don't take the time to listen, it makes me kind of sd because I know it won't be very long form now that i will wish I would have listened more.... Go on over to OLW and check out the word and what everyone did with it...we all got to work with fabulous kits from this place.....Kenner Road..... I LOVE the kits, full of some amazing stuff, kind of vintagey which I love..... so make sure you check that out!
short post this time ladies, i am busy getting kits done for Saturday! So for those of you coming to the Fall Festival I will see you then!

Have a great day everyone!