Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yea so just whn you think it's spring..... it's not!
at least not in this country! So it has snowed and sonowed and oh yea it has snowed and just when you think you are completely sick of the snow..... it's snows some more! It is crazy but it just keeps snowing!!!! Anyway it is supposed to be nice on the weekend as in zero degrees.... i know it isn't very warm but warm for us... I guess! Anyway on a lighter note... it is Word up.
.... check it out! It was lots of fun! We had a great sponsor this week.... and you should check them out too! They have great kits and Ronda and Jessi are both on their design team! Here is my take on this weeks word... it is a little album with a whole bunch of envelopes, filled with journaling paper so that Manda can write down the remainder of her pregnancy.....She can write down her thoughts and feelings and so on! I always wished I had something like this! Hope she likes it! Hope she isn't reading this right now! Yikes! Anways things have been crazy around here.... one more class, then the SPring thing on May 24th, then I am done.... I am taking early maternity leave.... lol totally kidding but I thought it would be nice to be around incase I am needed.... and summer around this country just goes by way too fast for me! soooooo.....that is my story! Just plain busy.... but good busy... did I tell you all about how many were here for lunch on Sunday?..... ok forget it that is another story! Have a great Wednesday everyone! Make sure you check out OLW!

ps I have had 170 hits to my blog in the last two weeks so where are you! Hello? make sure that you stop by and say Hi!!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hey Blogger Friends!
so how is everyones week going? Mine has been busy.... I know we are all in
the same boat! And I also know that I complain (not that I mean to!) about this all the time....Shawn has or had a shirt that said " i hear your lips moving and All I hear is Blah Blah Blah! I Totally know that is what I sound like 90% of the time! But.... Life is hectic, busy and there is always stuff to do.... Stay at home Mom? Like what?what the heck is that???? One of these days I am going to tell all of you that.... oh yea my week has been chilled just y'know casual not doing much, hangin out with my feet up drinking tea... well maybe coffee..... and so on and so on .....can you imagine you would probably all be like what is her problem? I know....i know..... sometimes I just crack myself up! So let me see what has been happening.... Lots of things going on..... got the new Leona Lewis CD..... K girls you definately have to pick yourself up one of those and the Jordin Sparks CD.... Those girls are totally amazing!
So guess what????? I went with Manda this week to her ultrasound and like talk about amazing! It was Sweeeeeeeeeet! Lov
ed every single minute.... I felt like crying away(except i don't cry very much!) because it brought back so many memories! I mean serious memories! Like.... so where did the last 12 years go? My baby is going to be12 in a couple of weeks and I feel like it was yesterday! It was so special! So Manda if your reading this....thanks! It was something I will remember always! Can't wait until the little muffin is born! Next I have been trying to take so many pics lately, only because I know these days are going by so fast and I want to capture every minute.....so here a few recent ones.....

How cute is this? Sweet....
These two love each other!!!!!
SATURDAY AFTERNOON.....I have so many more of the boys having a great day on Saturday..... but blogger won't let me upload them..... so this is it for right now....
this is the layout kit for this month as well and I only have a few so let me know if you are interested.... remember $23.00 per package! Have a great night everyone! I will see some of you for the class tonight!


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

WORD UP #24......
Hey everyone it is that time again our next 'word up' over at OLW!
If you haven't already checked it out go on over an
d see what we are up to! It is lots of fun! This week it was Miss Karla's choice for a word.... Love that girl! She is so fun and always so upbeat about everything always! She is amazing! All of the OLW girls are amazing so go and check out all the great layouts on there today! Here is what I came up with:These are the best days of my life! I am truly blessed! Hope you all have a great day today.... the sun is shining, it is a perfect day! For those of you in Next weeks class, the layout will be posted by the weekend! And for those of you that are waiting to hear back from me, both classes are full but I will see what I can do and e-mail you all! Have a good one!


Thursday, April 03, 2008

So how is everyone?????
so do you ever wonder what you have accomlished all week???? Tomorrow is Friday and I have got nothin done.... well that is a bit of a lie, I did get one layout ....yes only one layout done....(and if you want to see it go here!) I know it's crazy but there is so many other fun things going on.... like coffee with friends and hangin around in Antique stores and lun
ch with a friend and a birthday party.... and hangin out with my kids....not to mention cleaning the house and making supper and doing the laundry and making lunches and...... you all know how it goes but it has been so much fun I can hardly stand it!(not with the housework by the way!) ANyway it has been an awesome week! Just wanted to post some pics of my favorite people this week! I know Cole and Shawn aren't in the pics, neither is Rob....not that they aren't my faves too but they don't cooperate like the girls do!
three of my favorite gal pals.... (hope you girls don't mind me posting a pic!!!) Love you girls!
Shar took this pic!!!!
Love this pic of Manda look at that cute little belly!
Ok LOVE this picture.... I know I am partial but like WOWWWWWWWWW! Love it! and Love you Shar!
and my baby....ok I know like let her grow up already!!!! she was helping to do a little home reno this week by trying to use a drill..... yea that didn't work out so good but thats another story.....
and last but not least....LOVE this pic..... Love this girl!!!!!!
Happy Friday everyone have a good one and make sure to check out OLW for the layot and step by step instructions on the layout!