Wednesday, October 31, 2007

WORD UP at OLW.....
Delight! Cool word huh!!!! although I have to admit I had a bit of a struggle with this word....anyways it all came together AND because I don't listen to instructions very well I did TWO layouts! yep! Cool huh! anyways the little message that I got out of this whole not listening very well, (maybe it was selective If you need added stress to your life.... DON'T LISTEN! Oh well it is all good! We were able to play with some Fontwerks stuff this week, lots of fun! They have some amazing stamps! I really love them! I can't believe how excited I get when those packages come in the mail! It is like Christmas, I love it!

Make sure you go over to OLW and see what everyone came up with! I you haven't already participated... whatcha waiting for it is so much fun! Just make sure you link your layouts so that we can see them and you could win some cool stuff!
The Fall Festival only has a few spots left so if you are interested let me know! The date is November 17th from 10 - 10.
HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone, enjoy your night and remember to take lots of great pics!


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Just for fun.....
This past week over at one little word we were all sent kits from label tulip
since Jessi and I didn't get our kits quite on time we wanted to make sure and create a little something using this great kit! make sure you go and check out their kits... there is some pretty cool stuff.... speaking of which today jessi has her technique up at one little word so make sure you and check that out too!
I have started to prepare for the upcoming FALL FESTIVAL out at HERITAGE POINT.... it will be on November 17. This is an all day Saturday event from 10 - 10.... the cost is $90.00 and includes a layout, a light lunch, and supper..... plus a whole day of scrappin and mingling with your friends! SOunds like fun heh? no kids no hubbie just your gal pals and scrappin all day long! I do have a few spots left if you are interested and for those of you already signed up I will be sending out an e-mail in the next couple days to give you a bit more info.... the layout is almost complete.... I know you will all love it! Have a great Wednesday everyone!


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but we must BELIEVE that we can accomplish the impossible"

edit: blogger let me upload the layout finally! Enjoy!
Already over at one little word we are on word #12! Hard to believe.... Jessi picked this weeks word and you will all have to go over there to see the layouts since Blogger won't let me put on a picture today! The layouts and stuff over there ae amazing.... There is so much talent out there! For me this weeks word was perfect because I really believe with all my heart that if we BELIEVE we really can accomplish anything! How is everyones week going? Mine is flying by as usual but its all good! Getting ready for the class tomorrow night and getting organized for the Fall Festival, which byt the way there are still spots left...As it sits right now I am still not sure if there will be enough to run it so if anyone is interested let me know! On another note I Got Bon Jovi tickets... floor seats I am totally excited! Can't wait!
I am working on some great layouts and stuff right now so hope to post those soon! Hope everyone has a great week!


Friday, October 12, 2007

Hope everyone had a great week....TGIF...
I have hardly accomplished anything this week.... well except this great layout for the class on Thursday! There might still be room in the class on the 25th if you say PLEASE! Totally kidding I would never do that! There were a few of you that asked about my findings at the paper source store in Seattle.... very cool store for the nice big sheets of paper but of course I only brought4 pieces home.... the good news we can order from there so we will have to go on their website! So..... that is my scrappin news..... for now..... on another note.... Tickets for Bon Jovi go on sale tomorrow and from what I have heard he is awesome so check it out! For those of you still contemplating fall festival (which by the way is a great deal.... i even cook for you! well maybe my mom ill or maybe not!) there is a few spots left if you are interested! Talk to everyone next week and have a great weekend! Don't forget that today is the deadline for one little word and also the new word comes out next week!
i'm out.....


Friday, October 05, 2007

A NEW WORD UP........
The new word is up over at one little word so make sure you go check it out! Participate in it too it is lots of fun....If you need any instructions on how to do it let me know and I will TRY to help you! This is what I came up with....
DAYS GONE BY......Where does it go, it's gone...
Debbie and I arrived back from Seattle on Thursday night..... talk about SHOP until you DROP, now I know what the term really means.... Lots of fun though! Although I was pretty excited to see Rob and the kids last night! We stayed with Deb's sister and brother in law and their brand new baby Spencer, what a doll! We got to spoil him rotten, and I loved every minute of it! I think I could adjust to being a Grandma quite maybe not quite yet but soon.... I included some more pics highlighting our week! Lots of fun memories!

Have a great weekend everyone!