Friday, April 27, 2007

Just for fun...

K girls for those of you in the class last night you will be happy to know that the pictures aren't great so I am not going to post them right now.... Make sure that you bring your albums to Spring Thing and i will get some better pictures there! We had an amazing Album class last night, these girls are all amazing, their albums are all amazing! Good job gals! I was playing around in Photoshop a little bit again and wanted to share these pics with you... I am no expert on any of it but I love how some of them are turning out!

this is the original...

This is the newly refined one.... what do you think????
On another note, Mandas wedding dress is in so we are off for a fitting, Coles suit is in so same thing, Shalainas dress is on its way, got Sharlas dress, got Robs suit, Shawns suit, invites are almost all done, flowers are ordered, meal is planned... honeymoon organized.... everything is starting to come together, AND I got the cutest dress ever..... so much fun, just looking for the perfect shoes... I know, i know i already have enough shoes but girls.... not the perfect shoes!!! lol Have a great day and weekend girls, talk to you soon!
p.s. Manda are you excited??????

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Not enough time...

I am sure we all feel like there is hardly enough time in a day to get everything accomplished... Since being away last weekend I am feeling like this is catch up week and there is so much other stuff to be done... Okay lynn just prioritize and everything will be all good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here is the new layout package, remember ladies they are $23.00 and come with everything you see on the layout, not including the totally sweet
picture.... cute heh!
Love this Basic Grey paper, it is so fun and pretty! i am hoping to get a bit of design work done, finish up the rest of our income tax and then hope to post the stuff for the "Spring Thing" by next week, Don't hold me to it but i will try! See some of you tomorrow for the album class!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Post #2 for the day....
Imagine two posts in one day and I definitely have at least one more for tomorrow!!! i have been tagged by Tannis and Sherri so here goes, we have to write 7 facts or habits about ourselves...
1. I love shopping, I am totally compulsive! Way out of control in fact with scrapbooking stuff!
2. I love shopping with my girls on Saturday...
3. Love tanning, it is one of my favorite things to do, other than scrapbooking of course.
4. Love the lake in the summer, especially chillin out on the boat (wait we sold it last year! Now what?), spending as much time with the kids as I can.... I know that it is going to get less and less frequent and I don't like it very much!
5. Love listening to music, anything goes love it all!
6. favorite colours right now are brown, blue and PINK... Love it the most
7. Enjoy my morning coffee with my hubbie, didn't know how much until I was away this weekend (which I never do, in fact I think everyone had a bit of mommy withdrawal, Sharla especially, she said don't you ever leave me hear I didn't get he chance to sit and have our coffee and morning chat and definitely have to admit that I REALLY missed it!
There you go girls, A little bit of info about me, kind of boring but this is me!!!!! I don't have seven people to tag cause they have all been tagged this week so thats that one!


I wanted to share a few pics...

Amanda, Cody and I went to the lake for the weekend... We had to get a few wedding plans to arrange so it was kind of a quick trip but fun all at the same time! It has been a long time where it was just her and i for a weekend so it was good, before long it won't be like that anymore so it was nice to spend a bit of time just hanging out together... I took a few pictures and played with them a little bit on photoshop, they turned out kind of cool two of them are some locations that she will have her wedding pictures done so that will be cool... Lots to do this week inclding an album class on Thursday night so I have to get some stuff done for that, as well as get some design team stuff done and get a little bt ready for the Spring Thing! I will post some more either later today or tomorrow with a new layout kit, (totally cute i might add) and some other stuff like my card for the week...

Talk to you all later

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Card #15...... "our parents"

So i have heard lots say that they love a certain promp.... I love this one! Lets face it if It had not been for our parents none of us would be where we are today... They have made us who we are... they have given us our wings... This came at a really good time for me, my mom and dad have just retired and packed up and moved about an hour south of us! I have to say that my emotions are mixed... I am so happy for them and for a start of their new life, they have both worked hard to get where they are today, i know that i will miss them though and that for the past 18 or so years they have only been 5 or ten minutes away. i know too that we will still see them lots but i don't think we realize how much we will miss something until it isn't there anymore... Thankfully they are only an hour away and if nothing else i know our visits will mean so much more...

Thanks Mom and Dad for all the memories, for always being there and for being the great people you are today, For that i am grateful!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I love this paper...I love the pics more though...
I love this paper, bright ,funky and the words on it are awesome...
This is my new layout package for this week! The layout is $23.00 plus shipping.
Is everyone crazy, busy, hectic or is it just me! I know kathy is cause she has been organizing her room and by the sounds of it.... it is amazing! Can't wait to see the pics. It definitely looks more like Spring today, the birds are chirping and the sun is shining so that is a good sign, hopefully we get a little bit of warmth for a day or two anyway! Hope everyone has a great rest of your week! Be creative!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

card #14???????????

Hard to believe heh girls???? anyway its kind of a cool prompt for this week.....BIRDS!!! The first thing that came to my mind is that we all need our wings and we all have to learn how to use them! I think it is so important to teach this to our kids,

My title says....

"The most important gift we can give our children is WINGS"
Hope everyone is having a good week! This week is flying and there is still lots to do! Anybody that is in for the Spring thing I promise to send some info out in the next few days!
Talk to you all soon!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Layout for Design Team at Love 2 Scrap...

Hey ladies, this is the new layout for the design team over at Love 2 scrap... if you haven't already registered over there you better go check it out! It is lots of fun, you get to meet some really great girls, get some great ideas... they have a forum that you can chat away about scrapbooking and other stuff so get over there and check it out! Just click on this LINK. Hope everyone is having a great week! The weather definitely hasn't cooperated for the kids Spring Break but I think it is supposed to be better by the weekend! I have a layout class tonight so I have to get ready for that! Have a great day girls!!!!


Monday, April 02, 2007

Here is my 13th art journal card...
The prompt for this week is.... "what is on your mind"
Since we are in the midst of another snowstorm....( well it has actually stopped now)
i thought it would be very appropriate to show what is really on my mind!!!! like enough already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last night as we were driving out of town a little ways to pick up Cole and Shalaina, we couldn't see the roads or the ditch or anything else for that matter and the thought came to me that I NEED A HOLIDAY!!!!!!! I am not sure if it will happen but it sure would be nice!!!!! Anyway it was a very fun card to do.....
Whats everyone up to this week????????? The kidlets are home for Spring Break so we are sure hoping that the weather gets a bit better! We will see... I have some Love2scrap design team stuff to do this week as well as get ready for a class on Thursday night so that will keep me busy for a couple of days!!!!
have a great Monday everyone!