Thursday, September 28, 2006

In the mood for some change!

o.k. so right now I am in the middle of LOTS of projects! Too many in fact. I have been wanting to change the colour of my fireplace for about 7 years! I HATE oak! I know people call me crazy but it is so boring! It is time to add some colour and make this place a little bit more exciting! The other day Rob(the biggest sweetheart ever) changed the colour to white. Actually it is a bit off white and I love it! Then with those great family pictures i am framing a big print, adding some decorating and voila! hopefully the finished project will be exactly wht i am looking for. I will post a picture next week when it i complete! Can't wait! I have been super busy designing some really great stuff so keep posted to the website if you don't get my regular e-mails. If you are interested in getting regular e-mails just send me a quick e-mail and i will add you to the list! Lots of fun! There is also one other thing that has been on my mind. The other day Rob went to the coffee pot to make our regular pot of morning coffee (we sit ever single morning before the kids get up and have coffee and a blether(scottish for chat) He mentioned that his PET PEEVE (I am sure it is his only one! lol) is changing the coffee filter! Like how come when i am doing the dishes I can't quickly rinse out the coffee filter? I really couldn't answer cause i really don't know why, just have never thought about it! Anyone have any pet peeves out there? Let's share!
talk to you soon,


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It is good to have and end to Journey towards, but it is the Journey that will matter in the end"

I love this quote! It reminds of how careful we need to be what we do with our lives now! Life is so busy that I wonder if we even have time to think much about what we are doing, what we want to be doing, and what we should be doing! Once again tonight our supper table was very quiet. Actually Rob and I started having supper by ourselves and talked about what it will be like when we are 60!(scary thought) unfortunately I am sure that won't be that far off! Well maybe a few years yet! It won't be too terribly long from now and it will be lots quieter,well thanks to Mandas reminder and she will be bringing all of her children over! Thankfully we have scrapbooking and photos to remind us of days gone by, for that I am grateful! Remember to take lots of pictures! Going through some old scrapbooks tonight, I was so glad that I had the memories, even though it is very old style scrapbooking, the memories are still there. Remember the reason why we are scrapbooking, because we love it! It's back to my quiet little sanctuary to finish up the cutest layout with one of my new pictures(thanks again Tere!) Talk to you all soon!


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Endless Gratitude...
Do you ever feel like you are not "THANKFUL"
enough? Looking at this picture made me think
that there are definately days like that! Sitting
at the kitchen table on Monday night, there were
three of us for supper out of seven. I couldn't help
but feel a little sad to think of my family growing
up. I realized right at that moment that our lives
are changing! I never realized how much i would
miss the total CHAOS at supper time! Call me crazy(maybe I am a bit) but I truly miss all the
little (and big) noises of all the kids hanging around, and just being KIDS. It also made me realize that we can't take one single moment for granted. So for all of you out there have small children, enjoy the days of noise, enjoy the moments when they are attached to your hip because believe me it is gone in the blink of an eye. Someone asked me the other day, what is the secret to being a close family? My response to that is to just truly enjoy the moments, keep the communication with your kids open always, and just LOVE each other! Hope you enjoy this picture! I love it! It is one of many that Tere took of our family! Anyone looking for a photographer, check out her website! She made it so much fun, even the kids loved it! Her website is Enjoy the day everyone!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

How much fun was this!

We had the best day ever on Saturday! It started out by having family pictures at 11:00 a.m with the best photographer ever I might add! It was Shawn's 18th birthday yesterday and I thought it would be great idea to finally get family pictures, I should get them this week and I can hardly wait to see them! Anyone looking for a photographer? Her name is Tere, there is a link on my website to her website, and I highly recommend her. She kept us all quite entertained! After that the 7 of us went to BP for lunch, that was special, well until the bill came, these kids are expensive! It was for a good cause I guess, Thank goodness there are not that many birthdays in one year! Then we went to the mall, Shawn was looking for something for us to buy him, what a Birthday present! Needless to say he found nothing! What he was really looking for was a very expensive pair of jeans, thankfully they were not to be found! Next we went to my mom and dads house for supper and the evening! We had a fabulous time. Lots of relatives from Scotland here and they know how to "PARTY" anyway we had a great time. Kareoke started about 9:00 and went for a couple of hours! It was lots of fun and I ws spending it with my favorite cousin! (sorry Gary but last night Caroline won the prize for being the best) She is leaving on Tuesday so we will have a little Teary session at the airport i am sure! The picture is of me and her at the party, I of course am much younger! lol! Well it is back to classes this week, I am looking forward to getting back at it and there is so much fun stuff coming up! Feel free to blog or e-mail anytime I love to know what everyone is up to. As soon as I get our pics back I will share some and let you guys see how great Tere is!


Friday, September 01, 2006

Here is the new Canadian Scrapbooker magazine! It is a good magazine and totally canadian! It is nice to be able to check out all the different canadian websites out to see what is out there. I think all the local scrapbook stores probably have it by now so make sure you pick one up!