Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So hope everyone had a great day yesterday!
ours was really amazing, a great day, lots of people all day.... I even got to see some family that i hadn't seen i a really long time so it was so much fun and then about 25 for supper..... WOW! It was so much fun though.... at about 11 I tiptoed up to bed and left a few men still sitting around the table playing rook and believe me I wasn't missed! Anyway It was my turn thiw week to do a technique at OLW and for some reason over there it didn't post all the pics, mind you blogger isn't really liking it eather and posted them in the wrong order but I will #them so that you all know which order to do them in!

This is what your tag will look like after you have done the transfer so this first pic is # 5
This is #4 using your bone folder.... 'burnish' your image down really well

This is #3 paint on your gell medium and then get ready to transfer your image

This is #2, lay your printed picture face down and smooth it over with your hands using very firm pressure

This is #1, the supplies you need to do these great transfers... the gell medium, i got mine at Michaels, a bone folder, a tag or something to transfer your picture on to and of course your picture... You can use a picture right from your ink jet printer just remeber to print it out on regular computer paper.... i have done this with words and images and it works really great.... oh and one more thing after you have got your image on to your tag and pressed it down really firmly wait for about 10 or 20 seconds before lifting the image off!
These are two tags that i did using this method and they worked great! Have a great day ladies and an awesome week! Remember the next word is up at OLW next Wednesday!


Friday, December 21, 2007

From me to you.....

Hey everyone hope you are all having a great week.... it is flying by and i can hardly believe that Christamas is on Tuesday..... where does the time go???? I just wanted to send out a MERY CHRISTMAS to each and everyone of you and i hope that 2008 will be the best year ever.... Remember to enjoy the moments over the holidays, take lots of pictures.... make sure to get the little twinkle in your little one's eyes when they look at everything in wonder.... I will be sending out some info next week about upcoming classes and all that good stuff but for now just sit back and enjoy the holidays!



Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Merry Christmas to me!
k so first things first, this is who I am going to see tomorrow night! Totally excited so hopefully he is as good as he looks!

Next is..... the layout for one little word

It was my turn this week to pick the word.... HOPE is it! With Manda and Cody getting married this past summer i couldn't help but think of how hopeful they are.... for the future, for the new baby, for an awesome life together! What does HOPE mean to you? Go Check it out and make sure to link your layouts up by next wednesday! (p.s. For those of you that live in Calgary or around here, the letters I used are Tim Holtz Grungeboard alphabet, right now the "Scrapyard" has it and it is totally awesome! It won't last so go get some!)
And the third thing for today is to check TIM'S new blog out! He is truly so inspirational.... you will be inspired all over again!
have a great rest of your week everyone!


Friday, December 07, 2007

Well here we are.....
into the second week in December..... I don't know where this month is going but it is going fast! Life has been so busy that it is hard to think straight sometimes, I am sure we are all in the same boat! I finished up my last class of the year last night so now I have a few weeks off to catch my breath! With Christmas fast approaching I ho
pe everyone just enjoys the time with family and friends!
Here is one of the new packages for sale....

one of the highlites of the week was I finally got to meet up
with my blogger gals and members of OLW! What a thrill and the are both as awesome as i knew they would be... it was awesome just to meet up and it seemed like we had known each other forever... If you have never checked out their blogs you better get over there... they have lots to share.... Ronda and Jessi, thanks to both of you for making the effort to get together it was awesome to finally meet you both!
Ronda and her awesome new mitts!

one more thing.... if you haven't checked out OLW lately, go check out what Amber is up to, you have until tonight to get your layouts in....
Have a great weekend everyone and I will see you next week!