Friday, July 30, 2010

Have you ever wished.....
that you could change things....that you could make things better? That you could take away pain from your kids..... last night as I watched my third grandbaby come in to the world, the only things that I could think of is that I wished it was me doing it....i wished it was me in pain.... I wanted so bad to trade Shar places and do it for her.....
I know that people have babies everyday but watching one of your kids go through it was a whole new experience for me.....
She was a trooper though and did it.... Finally.....This was right after Ella was born.... Sharla was so happy she could hardly stand it....
so here is the info....
Ella Skye
7 lbs 13 ozs
20 inches long
and she is gorgeous.... a beautiful little cousin for Kade and Kianna!
Enjoy your weekend everyone, I know I will.....


Monday, July 26, 2010

the old stomping grounds.....
what a great way to finish off a really nice weekend! well an even better way would have been to be celebrating a new little baby into our family....however this was the next best thing! We spent the evening down at Sandy Beach..... went for ice cream first though, which again was awesome! We used to take the kids down to this great little park when they were little and here we are again taking the grandbabies down to the same spot! It was so fun! Kade loved it by the river, playing in the rocks and in the water! Him and abe had a reat time skipping rocks.... well actually we all had fun doing it, not that I can but I tried!

I had the perfect photo set up for this picture.... had a fabulous image in my mind....and this is what I got! this wasn't qhite what i had in my mind however I love it anyway, the only thing missing is Shawn and Cole! This is my wonderful but chaotic family.... just as they are!

Gabe and Kade havin a good laugh!
OUr sweet little Kianna girl... she is growing so fast and is just the sweetlest little thing ever! so what if I am biased.... i am so allowed! lol
Kade trying to keep up!
He loved the dirt and rocks and muck! He had a great time!
Sweet girl!
Manda and Cody! Love this picture of them!
It was so fun! We were trying to get Sharla out walking still no baby yet, I will keep you all posted! have a great week!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Memories....

at the Zoo! Okay I have to admit I don't really like going to the zoo! I had WAAAAAAYYYYYY too many field trips there when my kids were all little..... so when Kathy asked us to join her and Jill there I was like 'really'????? do I have to?????
I have to admit though that I totally enjoyed it! We picked a perfect day for it.... not too hot, well it was warm but it was way better than what we have had for the last couple of days! The weather is supposed to get better so here's hoping! Here a few memories from that day....

Sharla 40 weeks and counting! SHe was a trooper, i am sure she no more wanted to be walking around the zoo than fly to the moon but we all told her she has to walk maybe it will start her labour! So for those of you wondering as of today..... Friday, still no baby! Maybe over the weekend!

Gotta love this little man with his curly hair! This was a once in lifetime moment with him because when Sharla is around he won't go to anyone! Not even his mom! Crazy boy! Have a great weekend everyone!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sweet, sweet Summertime.....
i have a stamp that says.....'Look through the lens, capture a moment, tell a story, preserve a memory'..... I LOVE that!!!! although not every single shot is tells a story, my families story.....
I always want to capture that moment, i don't want to ever forget the good times!( although I totally want to forget the bad times..... the times like this past week when everyone seems to be squabblin with each other.... you know the little nit picky fights???? k so I hope it isn't just me!)
I have a picture that I took last week of Cole.... it is totally blurry, but I turned my camera around, didn't even look throuh the lens and took the shot..... i LOVE the shot! it as a moment..... i knew that it probably wouldn't be in focus but ah well what the heck, take it anyways!

Shalaina took this of Rob and I, and I LOVE it.... another moment captured....
I LOVE this boys laugh.... so contagious!
These guys were all watching Shawn while he befriended a very BIG dog who wanted to share his cone!

Last Sunday, after the weather got nice, we headed over to "my favorite ice cream shoppe" it was so much fun, we don't do stuff like that very much because the kids are older now and think that it is really dumb to spend time doing the whole family thing.... however nobody complained, well maybe one or two tiny complaints but nothing serious! lol anyways it was awesome! Manda and Cody were away so it was just the rest of the gang that was left! Life as usual has been crazy busy but it has been so good to enjoy the gorgeous hot sunny days! Today rained but it was almost welcomed! Not for too long we hope! Have a great rest of your weekend!


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

here is a sneak peek of my latest photo shoot!!!! Gotta love these little peanuts! Little Miss E was so cooperative, she knew how to work it..... it was so cute!

Hope everyone is having a GREAT week!


Thursday, July 01, 2010

Give me your best shot....
ok girls.... for those of you that are in my shabby chic album classes..... make sure that you start to take some summer shots....lots of them..... in fact your very best summer shots! In the fall I want to do something really fun with some of those fabulous summer shots!
take this one for instance.... how cute is this little munchkin???? gotta love him, he will not look at the camera for any more than about 1 second.... if that!!!! monkey! Anyway make sure you do take some really great shots.... i will fill you in later!.... trust me! and pass this message on to anyone you know that is in the class or may be in it in the future!
Love you girls! miss you too!