Saturday, February 26, 2011

This is so worth watching....

press pause on my playlist and then watch this amazing video....

Friday, February 25, 2011

Every now and then....
my mind wanders.... i am reminded again of a perfect moment....
Thank goodness we have photographs to remember those special moments..... THis is layout #14 and quite possibly my favorite so far! I love it actually..... hope you do to!

and since a post isn't quite complete without a cute picture, here is one of my favorites from the last week.... Little Miss Ella does this squinty little thing with her eyes that is so adorable! I think that is her giving a little bit of attitude but it is cute anyways! Hope everyone has a great weekend and I will see everyone next week!

make sure you check the scrapyard out to find out all about the upcoming retreat! It is going to be super fabulous!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


so sorry!!!! I was about to do my blog post for today and realized I forgot to post the last one! No wonder everyone is wondering whats up......hahaaaa anway thought I would post both of them anyways! This was layout #13..... 7 more to go for this album and then it starts again!!!! yayyyyy! Not sure what size we will do next, it will be a surprise I guess!

wanted to share some of my favorite photos from the last couple of weeks....

Shawn and Kianna, so cute having a little snuggle, which she usually never does!

so since the class is over for this week and you have all done the layout.... i wanted to post it anyways! This little peanut hasn't been feeling good for a little while, we had her at the Childrens hospital last week but nothing showed up.... poor little muffin.... and me and my bud, love this picture!

Hope everyone has a fabulous rest of your week!


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Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Friday and a favorite picture, and layout #12....
so glad it's Friday! Love Fridays actually!

Shar took this picture last Sunday and I think it is one of my new favorites! Love it! You all know how it is to get yourself in the photo so it makes it so nice when someone else will pick up the camera!

I Love this shot of Manda too! Things have been busy this week getting back to normal life, not that I was gone long but still had things to take care of when I got home.....

Life.... gotta love it....

It will soon be time for the big event at the Scrayard.... most of you probably already know about it but if not you should check it out!!! a nice little get away in April to the Nakoda Lodge.... there aren't too many spots left so if you and your friends want to get away give Lori a call at the store!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Layout #11 and some CHA memories....
yea so I hardly know where to start..... had the best time ever and so want to go back to LA.... it was awesome! And I never even left downtown..... first of all I guess I really needed a break from the routine..... and I got it! Met some of the 'famous' people that are like movie stars to me.... seriously it was so fabulous.....i can hardly wait to go again!!!!
just wanted to post the layout #11 for this week,
the stamp on the layout says....
'she whispered, I'm right here.... just reach out and I'll hold your hand'....
how sweet is that.... love it!
me and my little Kade man..... and of course some great CHA memories.... Lori made it the best ever....oh my gosh we laughed....hmmmmm lets see..... a number of times.... if it wasn't the house car driver it was, the lady on the plane with the yellow shirt.... and if not her it was the story that Stephanie (Bella Blvd) told us about her dining experience.... so funny.... anyways needless to say I think maybe I have to get out more cause it was just so darn funny and apparently laughing is good for the soul......
here are just some shots, will post more as they get edited....

Lori and I with Donna Salazer, she is so shabby (well not her personally!) it!

Miss Teresa Collins, Love her! I wasn't feeling so hot here though! Migraine, of course I did!

Great way to incorporate lots of Pics!

Gotta love this arrangement, would love to do something like this in my studio.....awesome!
Gotta love thhis configurations piece! WOW!!!!
Remember to 'play' everyday! Cute heh????

and of course the man himself! So cool to see him in action! SO talented!!!!
Me and Donna Downey! Love her! So sweet!
well that is enough of a photo overload for this time, although i could probably go on for a
Have a fabulous weekend and I will see you all... well some of you anyways next week,

Until next time,