Wednesday, July 30, 2008

BAD, BAD, ME.....
so I know I have been neglecting this poor blog but whats a girl to do????? Life has definitley got in the way and for now can't be helped....but it is word up over at OLW
Thnks goodnes or this thing would never get updated! Make sure you all go over and check out the word for this week.... Here is what I came up with,

We were sponsored this time around by Me and my big ideas! I could hardly believe all the product they sent! Make sure you play along because the prize is awesome! I wanted toshare some recent pics of our sweet little man too.... How adorable is he!!!!!!!!!! One month old already! I can hardly believe it!

Shalaina adores him, well we all do but she thinks he is real live little doll!
Hope everyone has a great day today! I promise to try to update a little bit more than I have been! Until then, chat with you soon!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

OLW word up..... and some recent pics of our little boy.....
Wow, hard to believe where the last two weeks went but here we are with our new word up over at OLW!
The word up is "IF" so many different directions that you could go with this! I did lots of journaling that is tucked inside.... I won't go into it to much but it starts off...."if I could go back nd start all over, would I cange anything? NOPE! not a thing! I love my life right now..... Love that I got married so young, Love that I started my family when I was only 19 years old.... that is what I wanted..... there is more but I won't bore you all with the details! lol Go over and check out what the other girls did with this word, all amazing!

Here are some recent pictures too of Kade.... He is such a precious little boy and we all can't geet enough of him! So nice to have a little baby around again to hug and cuddle.... he is a doll! He is coming along really good although he is a bit of a rapid breather so until they find out what is causing that he won't be feeding.... as soon as he starts feeding I know he will just do so well, until then though we are just hoping that his breathing slows down.... otherwise he is growing good and getting brighter everyday. He is up to about 5 lbs now so gaining everyday! Enjoy your day everyone and make sure you go over to OLW and participate! So much fun!


Monday, July 07, 2008

Happy Monday everyone!
Ok so I know it is 12:30 in the morning but you gotta do what you gotta There is only so much time in a day and I am running out of time really fast these days....just wanted to give everyone a little update on Kade.... He is still about 4 lbs 6 ozs.... so not exactly sure what his birth weight really was but he is growing! Yayyyy! and you can tell by the pic that he is just so cute! He is doing really well..... his cry is getting stronger everyday! He knows who mommy is and as soon as she bundles him up and snuggles he is fast asleep again! They re going to start feeding him tomorrow so hope everything goes good with that.... it is one day at a time.... and as long as he eats good and grows and shows us that all his little body parts are funtioning properly he should be home within a month! We will just cross our fingers!
Have a great Monday everyone and hope you have all been over to OLW and are playing along! Don't forget to check back wednesday for the new technique!


Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Kade Robert Geck was born on Sunday June 29th at 2:30 A.M. He weighed 4 lbs 6ozs and is absolutely gorgeous! Mom is doing amazing! Her labour was and hour and a half start to finish! Imagine! Anyway he really is a little doll!

Daddy and hu=is little boy!
Manda and her new little bundle! How awesome does she look?awwwwww! how adorable is this picture!

Uncle Cole and Kade.... He adores him.... all the kids are totally in love!
and this is my layout for OLW this week! I have been totally inspired by the Jordan Sparks song "This is my now"..... Love that! So this is my now....Go and check it out NOW!
Just call me Grammy.........Have a fabulous day everyone!