Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Too much to do....
and it feels like there is no time to do it.... The 'Teresa Collins event, Bling it on Canada' is right around the corner and i have so much to do... Yikes, Ok this weekend I will get to it and of course post some liitle peeks!!!! On that note I have some Christmas classes coming up as well that will be lots of fun!
I wanted to post the layout for this week though first before the class is over! Ahhhhhh...... do you feel my stress??? Yep I do!
Cute heh? Yep I even had one of my chicks say this was there favorite layout ever!!!! (must be the cute kids!!!)
wait..... yep she did say that before.... lol oh well!!!!

K I will try to post soon!


Monday, October 15, 2012

Life is good so.....
Let's Celebrate!

So most of you will remember 'one little word'..... If you don't, you can check it out Here! A few years back I was part of this amazing group of women.... it was fantastic! Because of life and different situations, Ronda (The mastermind behind OLW) decided it was time to back away from it... so to cut a very long story short, it never left her and because of that OLW is back up and running! And I am part of it once again! I am so excited to be back again with these amazing ladies!

This time around it was Jessi's word choice and she chose the word Celebrate.
I knew right away where I wanted to go with this word...

A lot of you ladies may know this story but for those of you that don't here it is....
Last year my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer.... He didn't seem overly worried when they found something there and when my mom called to tell us all she said was "They found a wee bit of cancer...." Like what the heck is a wee bit? That is the scottish in her...lol
Anyways my dad did really well and responded to the treatments really well and for now all is good.....
We are happy!!!
So in August my dad turned 70 and was so excited about it! ( not sure if I will be as excited as he was!) We had a party for him and i think he was so happy that he was able to celebrate it with all of his family around! We were too!
So my layout is called.... 'Life is good so Celebrate!'
Enjoy the little everyday moments everyone and Celebrate life!
make sure you go and check out 'One little word' and play along!!!

Until next time!


Saturday, October 13, 2012

and it has started again.....
don't you wish there was more time in a day? I know I sure do! It has been crazy busy again! I know same old same old and I totally know that we are all in the same boat! I know for me I need to get more organized, I feel totally disorganized!!! Like all the time? what the heck is with that! However on a good note there are some 'crazy good' things going on.... my classes are fabulous as always and we are always adding new classes at the Scrapyard so make sure you sneck the website out.... and..... the "Bling it on Canada" event is right around the corner! I can hardly stand it I am so excited! Cant wiat to teach alongside Teresa Collins, she is such a sweet, beautiful person and so down to earth and genuine! I am really excited! Next week there will be something exciting going on too... I can't quite share it yet but something else I am super excited about! Make sure you check back to see what it is!!! and since I didn't post the layout last week....( seriously!!! Who does that? well me obviously!! lol.....so sorry!!) i will post last weeks as well as this weeks! Crazy busy life please slow down! just a wee bit.....
Layout #4
and Layout #5....
and I should probably post a phot, just cause I haven't posted one on here for a little bit!
Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!
Until next time,


Tuesday, October 02, 2012

I know I am... and I'm sorry... not sure where my days go sometimes but they have been busy! Lori and I did our annual Las Vegas trip and went to the Teresa Collins event! We had a great time, absolutely great! we even had time to sit and enjoy the pool and since the temperatures were around the 36, to 37 degrees it wasnt too hard to take... we won't talk about the slot machines though ok?? just sayin....lol
Thought I better hurry up this week and get the layout posted since the class is almost over! Eeeekkkk!
Layout #3
Love Love Love this picture of my girls!

Hope you all have a fabulous week,

ps: anyone that is on the fence about the Teresa Collins event? don't be, Lori and I had such a great time and the projects were fantastic!!!!