Tuesday, January 26, 2010

when the kids were little and tobogganing was sooooooo much fun? okay so most of you are probably still in that stage in life but my kids are getting older now and it just isn't the same as when they were little..... they didn't mind the cold or getting all bundled up in their snow gear.... those were the days...... i remember the laughter and their cute little red cheeks and noses.... all too soon those days have flown by! Enjoy those days to the fullest, for me those days are sweet memories....
This is layout #14.....


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here is the next layout....

Picture is not great quality sorry!
Have a great Tuesday!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Kade's First haircut!
Gotta love it the poor little guy was a wreck! Anyway he got over it and was fine after the hairdresser removed her scizzors out of his sight!! I told Manda that not to worry Cole still finds it a bit of a traumatic experience! lol

Today is a good day, feeling refreshed after the weekend.... Had a good weekend I might add, not that I did anything exciting but didn't have too much excitement at our house which usually is a good thing! Although a lazy weekend means a busy week so thats not so good but ah well.... such as life..... I am supposed to be posting the layout as we speak and realized that it is on my camera so as soon as I upload those pics I will post it.... You all know what size the picture is though and if not give the scrapyard a call!
Happy Monday!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Better late than never.....
I took thses shots quite a little while ago but haven't posted them because they were a surprise! This was the best photshoot!! Sharla and I totally enjoyed ourselves and these guys were amazing to work with! They just did whatever I wanted..... especially Mr.F..... so fun!
Life continues to be crazy busy but lots of fun at the same time, Love the classes over at the scrapyard and all the girls that attend are awesome! We will be starting another session in late February or March so if you haven't signed up give them a call....
Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Layout #10 i think!
sorry girls I am getting later and later getting these layouts posted but I am always so last minute! Sorry! ANyways if you need to know any sizes just call the store and if you need me to print just send them to me..... Have a great week!

p.s my last post wasn't really supposed to sound like I was having a bad day(or feeling sorry for myself....well maybe I was a little bit! lol) but I was thinking more on the lines that sometimes we feel like thinks are pretty bad and really there are so many things and people out there way worse off than we are..... and I LOVE that song!

Friday, January 08, 2010

some days do you ever feel like life sucks??????

see you one Monday.....

Thursday, January 07, 2010

I have great intentions....
I love to have a journal..... I love to look back over the year and see what I did, what I accomplished and so on..... unfortunately though i am not very good at keeping it up! Or I might start it and never finish the whole year! My good friend is so good at writing and keeping her journal and when i see it I am in awe at how amazing it is... I love it! I came across a group on facebook and then checked out the blog! Your life spelled out.....how cool is that? So she gives daily pompts to give us a little push in the journalling department! If you have facebook you can join the group and then you get the daily e-mail as well! Have a great day!


Monday, January 04, 2010


memories..... from Lynn Thune on Vimeo.

Happy New year to everyone....
wowwwww..... 2010? unreal! I hope that you all have the best year yet!
Lots of pics to post, so hope you can all bare with me.... First off wanted to post the lyout for the 10th shabby Chic layout class.... e-mail me or phone the Scrapyard to get the picture size.

This may bore you all but had to post some of my family! and yes Rob does have a very black eye but I still think he is hot anyways so does it really matter? and no he didn't get in a fight althouh I think the boys thought that would make a way better story! lol he had a litle accident with a hockey puck, you otta love that game!
Cody, Manda and Kade.... so glad that the little peanut is out of the hospital and doing so well!
the latest of all the kids, it was so cold and we were trying to get this done really fast!
another sweet little family picture!
Cute little peanut!
a very quick shot of all of us, ot the camera all set up and just told everyone to find a spot quick and get back in the house! (it really was cold!) Our little Kade deosn't even have his eyes open but oh well......
All for today everyone, Have a great week!