Wednesday, December 27, 2006


First of all I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas!
Mine was fabulous as always, but I think it just gets
better the older the kids get, I love it more... I love it
when everyone is here and just hanging out... doing
nothing but all the same doing something! It really was
a great day! And of course Santa was very good to me
and everyone it was just great! I have been a bit under
the weather lately,nothing too serious but just not feeling
great so I have been laying a little bit low... so if you have
all been wondering where in the world the January
layout is, it is coming I promise... I probably won't get
it out until later next week though so don't panic! not
yet anyways! It has been really busy though, I can
hardly believe it, where has the time gone though??
So just incase I don't talk to anyone in the next couple
of days i wish everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEARS!
All the best for 2007, you gals have made this an
unbelievable year!!! A great big Thanks from the bottom
of my heart! Hope to talk to everyone real soon!



Kimberly White said...

Glad you and your family had a wonderful day! Hope you are feeling better Lynn! Kim

Anne Thompson said...

Good to hear you had anice Christmas. Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

Take care,

Ronda P. said...

Happy New Year to you Lynn. You have already made my 2006 so bright!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn, my computer has been down a couple days, but is working now and the first thing I've checked is your site. sorry to hear you're not feeling well, but I can't wait for the layout pic and the 11th! Glad your Christmas was so good. Ours was nice and low key. Just what we need with the little ones. Inlaws are visiting for new year's. Hope your New Year's rocks!

Danielle said...

WOW...glad you had such a Great Chrismtas!!!!

Have a Happy New Year Lynn!

jessi said...

extremely wonderful to hear you had a great christmas!!! i hope you get better real's tough when mom's get sick!!! hope your new years is full of a ton of hope for good things to come! have a great night!

Renee said...

Hope you're feeling up to par real soon!!! Glad your Christmas was so special! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn! Sorry to hear you are not feeling so good lately - sucks to be sick this time of year (actually, sucks worse when your hubbie is sick - ha, ha!) Glad to hear you had a great Christmas day. You'll be pleased to hear that I got my sewing machine and have already tested it out on my new layout! I also got a heat embosser and a tag maker so I'm gung-ho about scrapbooking. Can't wait to see the January layout as I got great pics of Sierra on her pink motorcycle that Santa brought her (she's my wild child - I just couldn't resist!) Hope you are feeling better for your New Year's weeknd ... see ya next year!!!

Ki Kruk said...

Hope you are feeling better Lynn! Glad to hear Santa was good to you! Wishing you and your family a prosperous New Year with many blessings!