Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's word up!
so here we are again, this time round it was Revlies turn! WHY? Great word..... this is what I came up witth this time around! Make sure you head over to OLW and check out what everyone else came up with!
So what has everyone been up to? Feels like summer is going so fast, I can hardly believe it is the middle of July! Life as always has been crazy busy, hmmmmm lets see what I have been up to.... We enjoyed getting to the Stampede a few times this year! Had a great time!! We went and say Reba with some great friends and had great time..... We always go to see Johnny Reid at the coke stage, if you have never seen him you are missing out! Totally awesome! Sharla hd her 18th birthday! WHAT???? I know it is so hard to believe! The years are just speeding past!! At her birthday party I left my camera out in the rain! Can you believe that? Like who does that???? Anways I did so now I am in the process of trying to fix it or replace it! I am missing it like crazy! wish me luck that I will get it back really soon!

That is about it for this time but Have a great Wednesday everyone!


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Birthday to this sweet boy!
it is so hard to believe that a whole year has gone by in a blink! I was thinking about that Kenny Chesney song, 'don't blink' the other day.... how true it is, you blink and it is all behind us, just a distant memory...It is word up over at OLW
Gi picked the word this time around and what a great word it is! "JOY"....Make sure you all go and check it out there! Her post is amazing! What brings us JOY? Love that..... SHe has an amazing little video posted as well!
Just wanted to share a few shots from Kade's birthday party on Saturday! We had an awesome day, a barbeque shared with family and friends, loved it..... and the weather was perfect so it really was an awesome day!

Love getting pictures like this of my kids! Even though there are many days of fighting and bickering with each other, i think for the most part they love each other!

this has to be one of my favorite pics! Love it!
and my layout for this time around! Happy Canada day everyone, I'm out....