Thursday, September 24, 2009

Word up and a pic of sweet little Kade!
Ok if he isn't the most adorable little thing ever! Gotta love him with his sucky!
It is word up again and I have to admit I was a bit stumped with the word this week...."OPEN" .... Karlas Choice and here she is with brand new set off twin boys at her house and time to scrapbook as well! I know it is really a simple little word but wow I was stumped! Anyways this is what I came up with......The picture of the door is from heritage park this summer..... Life as usual has been busy, Got my cousin to the airport yesterday, back to Scotland....I am going to totally miss her but hope it won't be too long before we see each other again! I am back to teaching this evening so a few things to do for that! Make sure you keep checking back I will be teaching at the scrapyard too so check them out too! Have a great tomorrow and have a fabulous weekend!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Gotta love them..... my day started out a little bit late but I finally got myself organized and the kids up for school and out the door.... Then I got myself to the gym and had a really good work out! Now I am updating my blog and getting to my weekend e-mails! My first class will be this coming Thursday....i am doing the layout that is right below this post. there is sstill room so let me know if you re interested! It is also available as a kit so if you are interested e-mail and I will let you know the details!

This layout is what I will be teaching at the Scrapyard in October, so if this one interest you let them know.... I am not sure if there is still space left but you can give them a call if you are interested! Their phone number is 403-271-2225Have a great Monday ladies!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Word up and a few of my favorite pic from this week.....
so I have to say that I am totally not impressed that fall is upon us since it really feels like summer just started, but since it really isn't my call on what the weather is going to do I will just accept and make the most of the season..... I do enjoy getting back in to a bit of a routine so that is a good thing! It is word up again and this time round it is my turn.... been thinking about Shawn lots lately and thought of the word invincible....perfect word for him! If you want to read the write up go over and check out what i said over at OLW this week!

Love the whole motorbike picture but I totally don't like that he loves riding a motorcycle.... totally scares the daylights out of me.... the way he rides it that is......(he did sell it though so for now it is all good!)
Our sweet little Kade adores his little car!

and his soother! lol

and a couple of shots of Cole and Shalaina back to school! I will be teaching a layout class on the 24th of September so iff you are interested send me an e-mail... I will have the layout posted here in the next couple of days. I am also teachin at the scrapyard so make sue you check out what that will be.... that won't be till October though! Have a great weekend everyone!


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

AHHHHHHHHHHH....... the first week back......
and a good week it is.... the kids, (well two of them!lol) are settling back to school nicely, although have to say that with the amazing weather we are having it is kind of hard to be excited for back to school! I would still like to be at the lake basking in the sun......the house is definitely quiet....its all good though i think they were gttting bored! It is funny to see Cole so excited to go to school but I know it is because he is driving Sharlas car.... so funny, anyway it is good, love to see him excited! I wanted to share some shots of a recent little photo shoot I did with my neighbor and her little ones.... They are all adorable! I am trying to get this whole photography thing going, we will see how it goes! I really do love it though!

Don't forget to go and check out OLW it is technique up tomorrow!
Have a great rest of your week everyone, I am hoping to have a September layout posted by the middle of Next week, back to classes!