Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So glad it's Friday.....again.....
another crazy busy week! So glad that tomorrow is Friday! It is word up again over at OLW( if you haven't played along go and check it out! So fun! Jessi picked the word this time..... 'GOOD'..... it's all good! After the week I have had, I really have to say to myself it's all good.... SOmetimes we go through experiences that really make us sit back and do a little check.... I have realized that LIFE is what you make it and only we can change a bad sitution.....
I have a few pics to share with you..... I forgot to add this one in Sharlas grad shots.... I love this one though and had a little bit of fun with it in photoshop!

sweet little Kades toes.... He isn't too sure about the grass! lolHrd to believe he will be one next week!

had more fun in photoshop with this one of Cole!!!!
and lastly my layout for OLW! Life is what you make it so mke it GOOD!
Have a great weekend everyone!


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

It is that time again.... WORD UP!!!!
I feel like I just posted my layout for the last word and here we are again! Whewwwwwwwww life has been hectic.... as I mentioned in my last post it was Sharlas grad last week and it feels like it has been non stop.... time to relax i think! I taught my last class for the season last night at the scrap yard! So fun, great bunch of ladies so if any of you are reading this! Thank you it was awesome! Just wanted to share a few of my fave shots for this week so far!
Shawn and Kade, love this shot! I don't think Kade is too sure what to think but he started warming up to him! so sweet!

I totally blew the focus on this shot but I love it anyways! He is such a little sweetie! Look at those cute little teeth!
Shalaina gets something in her mind and there is no changing it..... she diecided she wnted a guitar so bd she couldn't stand it..... in fact if she didn't get one I am sure she would have died wihout it! lol Manda took her to get it..... she bought it herselff which I thought would be better, then maybe she would take care of it.... she thinks she is a superstar! So cute!
and finally my layout for OLW! If you haven't played mke sure you do it is so fun! Not to mention you could win some great scrapbooking stuff! Have a great Wednesdy everyone I am off to get myself organized and head outside!

i'm out,