Monday, February 26, 2007

Week #8 journal card...

so you know that you have no life when you can hardly

wait for Emily to post her weekly card........ I

am sure that I must have checked about 5 times last night

then finally it was posted and there were already ten ladies

that had posted on her site and most of them had already

posted their new creations, unbelievable!!!!! Anyway no worries

ladies i am just as bad if not worse, only problem is though I am

not that quick to get it done!!!!!

This weeks prompt was....Something or someone you miss

No picture on mine, all journalling... I won't bore you with the

whole story but it goes something like this.... most of you know

that my kids are a bit older now, (the youngest is ten and the oldest

is 21) The thing that I miss the most is when they were babies, don't get

me wrong I love my life now but those were just the sweetest days

ever... snuggling with the babies, those sweet little kisses and hugs,

Wow I miss those days.... okay lets not get too mushy over here I will

be wanting another one!!!!! lol

just for the record I am totally kidding!

Love this challenge...
have a great night ladies, I will send out the March layout tomorrow or the next day!!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hey ladies, just a bit of Saturday news...

Here is the new package available for sale... Remember the price is $23.00.

I have been busy today packaging and getting things organized for upcoming classes nd so on... Just thought that I would give everyone a heads up as far as the 'crop for kids' goes... I will post more info as it is available to me but for now this is what i know. It is a weekend long event, it is supposed to be the biggest one that Canada has ever seen! There will be lots of people there that are big in the Scrapbook industry. The event will be holding classes as well as scrapbooking time and I am sure there will be lots set up for sale as well. Registration begins on March 30th ( i think) Like I said I will post more when I know what exactly is happening! I will be having a class there for sure! up until now I wasn't sure if it would work out but I know that it is a great cause, hopefully there will be one coming to Calgary as well, maybe I better start organizing it!!!! lol. Anyway not much more for now but be sure to check out emilys challenge that will be posted on her site! have a great rest of your weekend ladies!


Friday, February 23, 2007

check this out......

O.k girls I am not one to brag about stuff but I have to brag a little bit....
I told all you girls about going to Rascall Flatts, so last night was the concert and
it was absolutely amazing..... I would have to say it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to!!!!!!!!! I don't get out too terribly much so picture this, out for supper, just hanging out, no kids, no hubby, just me and my girlfriend............
Have a great weekend girls!

ps..... anyone else up for Pizza tomorrow night??????

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Here is the 7th art journal card...

I don't know about you girls but I loooooove doing these
cards!!!! They are so much fun, totally inspiring and you
can do whatever you want on them...
This weeks promp is SHOES! I love shoes, wearing them,
buying them, trying them on, just everything about
shoes... There is always a story to tell about shoes, LOVE THEM!!
If you haven't started this little art journal challenge, what are
you waiting for??? It is awesome!!
On another note....
It's already Tuesday, can you believe it???? almost the middle of the week!
Don't forget about the pizza party this Saturday I have 2 spots left if
anyone is interested.... Imaging no children, or husbands, just girl time,
laughing, yapping and scrappin how much fun does this sound....
One more thing, RASCALL FLATS is in 2 more sleeps.....yahooooooooo!
Have a great day everyone!!!!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hey Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!

O.k. since so many of you have asked me to do the pink layout as a kit.... I was able to find the paper... I have 4 kits, one goes to Marilyn so I have three left! ( it is the layout of Shalaina and Sharla from few posts ago... some of the product might be slightly different but not by much!!) You can either e-mail me or just leave a comment but remember i only have three. I have been playing with my new photoshop program which is totally amazing by the way I will show you all that next week! Don't forget about Emilys challenge tomorrow! Also on my sidebar on my blog there is a new link that is totally cool it is called
Really just ribbons, check that out as well! Have a great Saturday ladies! Talk to you soon!

p.s. I only have one of the layouts left from the last post!!!!!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Another new layout kit....

Hope everyone had a good day yesterday!!! Here is the new package for sale. It is $23.00

for those of you asking I do ship all over the world... I would just charge extra for shipping!

I also wanted to let everyone know the schedule for March:

March 8th is the layout class

March 15th is the second layout class

March 29 is a project

Make sure you sign up early to ensure your spot!!!

Not much to post for tonight ladies I am teaching a class in about an hour and still not quite finished!

Have a great night everyone!


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

So Happy Valentines everyone!!!!!!!!!

My ten year old comes home from school today with this

sweet little pooch that has been named CUPID.... It is from a

sweet little boy named Spencer... I thought well isn't that cute, this little

boy has been calling our house for a really long time actually it is a bit

of a gong show! Like I don't remember ever having a boy call my house

when i was ten, first of all my Mom would have had a heart attack!! Then my dad would have grounded me for a month... it would have been all my fault you know how it goes! It really is kind of cute nonetheless. Hope everyone is having a fabby day... Life is general is crazy, I had to laugh today reading Jessi's blog, she is packaging her kits that are due tomorrow for a class! Remember girls when I mentioned that i work best under pressure! I should have a new package ready tomorrow! Thanks for everyones comments on my cards from Emily's challenge, it is lots of fun and they don't take long to do, join in and catch up! Have a good night ladies,

Love is in the air.................



Monday, February 12, 2007

Week # 6 art journal...

Happy monday everyone!!!! Hope everyones day is going good, despite that 2 feet of snow that we have this morning!!! Oh well we don't have too much longer, hopefully spring is just around the corner! Here is my week 6 card, can you believe it week 6 already.... i don't know where the time goes... I have lots on the go as usual but looking forward to Thursdays class... The March schedule will be out by then, not the projects ( don't get excited quite yet!) just the calendar for this week, well you never know stranger things have happened...

Here is my card, the theme is just...


Love my life, my husband, my kids, all the great friends that i have out there.... well just everything...
Have a great week everyone!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

And the winner is .....


send me your address suzanne for the R.A.K for this week or you can pick it up when you come to class on Thursday night! I don't know about all you ladies but I love the way my life is right now!!!!! There are so many cool things going on, the kids are all at really fun stages, (a little crazy sometimes!!! lol) you know what I mean but things are just good, busy but good!!!! I have so many goals for this year, things that I want to accomplish and do and achieve so we will see how it all works out.... How are all you ladies doing on your albums? I wrote in mine this week and did a really great 9 x 9 layout.... no its not for sale.... i am sorry but it is from my love2scrap kit..... So sorry for teasing you but I do have some cool layouts in the works so we will see what I come up with!!!! Theree are a few blogs that you girls have to check out..... Tannis for one has an amazing layout on hers and it is also posted on love2scrap.... I love it, it actually almost brought tears to my eyes... there is also another one Sarah's has some really cool stuff on hers if you girls are into some cool stuff with photshop, check it out as well.... don't forget all my other blogger friends on the side of my page, they a re a great bunch of ladies and definitely worth checking out!!!! Have a great Saturday ladies, talk to you all later!!!

here is the new 9 x 9 layout!!!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Here is one of the new layout packages...
He's kind of cute heh!!! The layouts are $23.00, they come with everything to complete the layout as well as a colour picture and full instructions. There are more kits for sale here, check it out... Hope everyone is having a great week
out there... Its cold here but so great for scrapbooking! Still enjoying playing around with my kit from Love2scrap, those girls are awesome! I will post more as i get it done... I have a layout class tonight so I have lots to keep me busy for the rest of the day! hope you ladies have a great week and hope to talk to all later!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

here is the layout...

using the Feb. kit from Love2scrap! You girls should go over and check them out! There is a really great bunch of girls over there plus you can SHOP!! Not that any of us like shopping for scrapbooking supplies or anything!! lol
So yesterday i was checking out how many people actually check out my site and there are people from Tokyo checking it out, like how cool is that! You girls should also be checking out some of the other sights that i visit, there is some amazing scrappers out there!! Don't forget I will be doing my R.A.K draw on Friday!
have a great day ladies! Stay warm!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Good morning!

hope everyone had a great weekend! Ours was busy, and it was so hard to get everyone up this morning but anyway we made it... Everyone done there challenge this week? We had to use a piece of Ephemera from the we had a girls night out on Saturday, here is my 5th card...

Also i think it is time for another "little" rak, seems to be the season so i am going to draw a random name from this post on Friday... o.k. this is too easy, lets throw a question in there... who is coming to Calgary in February( here is a hint... they sing a song about the 'broken road' I am totally giving it away!) that i would love to see and of course don't have tickets for? That will give everyone something to think about!
Have a great day ladies... i hope to post some stuff later using all my cool stuff from Love2scrap...
talk to you soon!


Friday, February 02, 2007

February layout...
here is the february class kit layout! For those of you signed up
for the class I will send the info out on all the particulars on
Monday. Both of the classes are completely sold out. There is still
a couple of spots in the pizza party left. The march (can you believe it)
class schedule will be out in the next couple of weeks! Make sure
to keep up with Emilys challenge it is so much fun! The new topic will
be out on Sunday! i can't wait! I will also be posting the layout that i am
doing with all the fabulous papers I got from Love2 scrap! Have a great
weekend everyone!
p.s. Has anyone seen any of elsie's stuff check out her blog!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

How yummy...
so i go to the mailbox yesterday and this what I found!!!
I was so excited I could hardly stand it!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway to fill
everyone in....
I am guest designer.... at love2scrap for
the month of February!!!!! How much fun is this!
You guys should definitely check this site out!!! just click on this
link and you will go right on over. There is a great bunch of gals
over there! I am off to my studio! I can hardly wait! Have a great
day everyone and I will most likely talk to you all later!