Friday, October 30, 2009

Wanted to share.....

This is layout 4 nd 5 ( i think..... so I can't keep track!) of a whole album..... anyways I promised some of you that I would post the layouts from the classes so here they are! If you need to know anything specific just send me quick e-mail!
I also wanted to post two of my favorites from my last photoshoot! Love these ones.....Total Christmas card pics! Anyways have a great weekend everyone!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Well here we are.....
almost the end of October and many changes are happening all around me.... First of all a photo shoot I did for some friends last week, Just a little sneak peek,Hope you like them!
Next up..... OLW has decided that it is time to close down..... makes me kind of sad but Ronda put it up on the blog this week and she put it so well I will let you read it for yourself.....check it out....OLW I have to say though I will miss working alongside those girls..... even though most of us haven't met but i consider us all great friends! I will miss it! I am teaching a lot though over at the scrapyard so make sure you come and check that out! I will post the layout next time! Have a great rest of your weekend!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

One moment....caught on film....
this is layout #3 that I am teaching at the scrapyard....for the ladies that ususally come to my classes at my house, I am teaching this class next week, Tuesday night and Thursday during the day. It is for everyone not just the girls that are doing an album so if you are interested call the scrapyard and see if there is any room! (403-271-2225)

How is everyones week going? hard to believe it is Thursday already! Like where di the week go? It has been a little bit winterey in this part of the world but we are looking forward to a nice weekend! Hope it is! Have a great rest of your week everyone!


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

How often do I take life for granted???? I know I know two posts in one day???? almost unheard of...(it is unheard of......) but i had to share...make sure you click on the video....... now this is someone who is grateful.....someone who appreciates every moment...... never read her blog???? check it out! Nienie
oprah.....and Nienie....
I am grateful.....
hey everyone! It is word up again!!!! Not quite sure how that happened, I feel like I just posted my last word and here we are again! Yikes, the weeks are just flying by..... Lookinng out my window right now the snow is slowly falling and it really does look pretty although I am not quite ready to put the flip flops away! lol
Since I feel like my post isn't quite complete without a few shots I thought I would share these ones from this past week!

Trying to catch this sweet busy boy on film is a challenge thats for sure!Cute heh???
This is my second layout for my class at the scrapyard, I don't think it is quite full so give them a call if you are interested!
and finally my layout for OLW this week..... Jessi picked the word Grateful this week! Love it.... These are just a few of my favorite shots from the last few months..... I am so grateful for my life, my family, my friends..... and the list goes on.... if you want to join in and tell us what you are grateful for make sure you go and check it out!
Have a good one,