Thursday, October 15, 2009

One moment....caught on film....
this is layout #3 that I am teaching at the scrapyard....for the ladies that ususally come to my classes at my house, I am teaching this class next week, Tuesday night and Thursday during the day. It is for everyone not just the girls that are doing an album so if you are interested call the scrapyard and see if there is any room! (403-271-2225)

How is everyones week going? hard to believe it is Thursday already! Like where di the week go? It has been a little bit winterey in this part of the world but we are looking forward to a nice weekend! Hope it is! Have a great rest of your week everyone!


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Cody, Amanda and Kade said...

Cute layout Ma....HOpe you get unbusy soon so we can go to costco...ha ha :)