Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Thank goodness for word up over at OLW because it seems like that is the only time I update my blog! BAD!!!!!! ANyway I know you all don't need to know how busy I am! Sometimes life just happens to get in the way..... It was my turn this time around so I chose the word "living"..... it seemed so appropriate formy life right now..... I feel like I am living the dream, I am where I want to be, where I always hoped I would be..... What does this word mean to you? Go over and check it out, play along with us! There are some great prizes to be won too!

and since I have to post some pics here they are.... This sweet boy will be 7 months old tomorrow! Hard to believe that time just flies.... doesn't stop, and stand still even for a moment!
and this cute boy was home last weekend! Well for a short time... he can't sit still for too long!
and this cute girl is starting to get so excited for Grad..... another thing hard to believe that it is happening already!
This past week hs been consumed with a lot of scrapbooking! It has been awesome....two Saturday's ago I got to go and play with the girls at the Scrapyard.... If you have never been there it is one of our local scrapbook store in Calgary.... Love that place and the girls are all amazing! They had an anniversary event so I went and did a make and take for them.....It was a great event, lots of people too! I have taught a few classes as well..... Last Saturday I got together with a few girls to do an album for a one of our friends who passed way in a car accident this past summer.... she was 17 years old..... The album is beautiful, It was such a good reminder for me to never take life for granted.....enjoy the moments......Life each day like it could be your last.......i will post those pictures another day!
Have a beautiful Wednesday everyone!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Wednesday everyone!
And it is word up again over at OLW! Ronda's choice this time around! 'EMBRACE"..... Love that word! actually I LOVE all the words that are picked.... they really mke you think about your layouts and what you are trying to get can scroll down to see what I came up with....Sharla is in grade 12 and there are so many possibilities out there.... I just want her to Embrace them all! Decide where she is going, what she wants to do....
I also wanted to post the latest pics of our little Kade.... he is such a doll! He has such a sweet personality! He is so much fun..... ok, ok..... I know I am boasting but I do have a right don't I? lol

Cute heh???? Love this little guy!

Make sure you all go and check out OLW! Play along, you will love it!