Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mr sun, sun, Mr Golden sun......
please shine down on me.....
I LOVE this weather, just makes a person feel so good to be outside enjoying the sunshiny days!!!!
Hope everyone is gettin outside and enjoying it!
So Yesterday we celebrated Kades Birthday! Hard to beleve the little guy is 2.... remembering what we were doing 2 years ago.....

Poor little muffin in ICU.....
and this is him last night totally enjoying his ice cream cone!(didn't like ice cream cake!) Had a great night!
Happy Birthday to our little miracle!
Have a great day everyone!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

and a beautiful day it was!!!!
since this is technically my first weekend of summer, you gotta love this weather!!!! Wow! Now bring on more heat and we will all be happy! Had such a great weekend! Everyone was around here yesterday and we literally hung out outside all Day!!!! It was awesome! Then we had a barbeque for supper! So fun! Today we had a quick lunch and then a whole bunch of us went out to a great little park out in Airdrie! It was another great day!!! Lots of sunshine and fun times! The kids all had a great time, they will all sleep good tonight! Just wanted to share some more of my favorites from this week! Have a great day tomorrow, it's supposed to be a hot one!!!!

These two are going to make such great parents! Can't wait!!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Friday!
I LOVE when Friday comes around.... I don't usually cook on Friday so it's a night out for one thing....( Friday night date night!) and cause tomorrow is Saturday.... Love Saturdays! Love the weekends actually, i don't do much of anything so it is nice! Today also marked the end of the school year and for me when summer officially begins! Hope the weather agrees with me and we get some nice hot sunny days! Here's hoping! I am still hoping that Cole will get a job, poor kid has put in lots of resumes and nothing.... hope someone is willing to give him a chance!
Couldn't leave the post with no picture! This is sweet little princess.... 4 weeks.... where did that month go? Yikes, hope the whole summer doesn't go that fast!
Have a great weekend everyone!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Family shot....
actually thats not really true, there were some right after Kianna was born but this is the first 'dress up' one! lol Gotta love it but let me tell you our little Kade is a monkey(love him anyways though! and besides I like monkeys!) and totally didn't want to cooperate! Once the sucker came out he was a bit excited but his attention span doesn't last very long..... we will just have to settle for the 'candids'!

These next three shots of Sharla were taken today.... yes before the storm, actually it was beautiful when we were out! SHe is 36 weeks today so the countdown is on! SHe was up for pretty much anything so we had lots of fun!

Crazy how fast time is flying, hard to believe it is almost the end of June! Our little Kade will be 2 on the 29th.... doesn't stand still for any of us! Enjoy the rest of your week!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rain Rain go away.....
okay I know that we are all totally sick of it but what the heck????? the only positive thing is I have got my taxes done and my G.S.T.... I know how good am I? Thats what I thought.... that was six months of g.s.t! K so I was a bit behind but remember girls you come first! I had way better things to do....! lol So how is everyone's summer going? I know it is raining but I have to say my plants are looking really good! I have more I would like to do though if it stops raining!
I took Susans class on Monday night! It was so good to get out and be on the other end! Plus it was fun to be there with all the familiar faces! Lots of fun! While I was there Lori said to me.....'go sit down I have something for you'.... I was like what? ok i will! I thought maybe she bought me some cute cowboy boots or somethingg fun like that.... however she presents me with my very own Cricut! I was so overwhelmed i think i almost started crying! (and I don't cry) not very often anyway! So she told me this is a gift from an anonymous person..... Like what? who does that? So whoever you are I am so grateful! Thank you!!!!!! I don't know if she was even in my classes but wow!!!!! So impressed! Life as usual has been busy but in a good way, I am really enjoying time to get some things done..... today I worked on my room and Sharla did the basement! It was so awesome to get some things cleaned up! I wanted to share this sweet picture of our little Kianna! She is such a doll, Love them both!

Gotta love this little peanut! Did I mention that she smiles and was talking to me last night???? I know you won't believe me since she is only 3 weeks but she so did.......
have a GREAT weekend everyone!

p.s. check out the 'quote of the day' today! Love it!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I almost forgot....
this little moment..... How sweet is this???????? Gotta love it! How's things with everyone? I know.... withdrawal....from scrapbooking of course....however..... the weather is going to get better ..... i have been promised!( then you will thank me....)

Have a fabulous weekend.....


Tuesday, June 08, 2010

So much to do and no time to do it....
and it isn't just because I am busy being a grammie! Well I am a little bit busy doing that but it is mostly because I am so far behind with things that it seems like i can't get ahead! Crazy I know... I really need to do a list and check it off as I get it accomplished! I am however working on my taxes and all that good stuff in between the yardwork and daily chores and spending some time cuddling with the babies! I also ended up working at the store tonight! It was nice actually, I haven't really been back for more than a few minutes so it was nice to see some friendly familiar faces! (Hope you get feeling better Lori!) I have already posted these shots on facebook but thought i better update my blog! I am trying to fit in a little bit of scrappin too so i will post that soon!

Gotta love this little peanut, she is gorgeous and she is such good baby, Manda is doing so good. she amazes me! SHarla has six weeks to go and I know she is getting anxious! Hard ot believe the time is almost gone! Wow!
Hope you all have a fabulous rest of your week!

p.s.... Susan at the Scrapyard is having a really cool class next week! I am going to take it and I think you should all go and check it out.... it is awesome!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

and a great week it's been.....
for the most part
This is what I have been up too.... how gorgeous is this little precious? Gotta love it! Everyday we have been trying to fit this photoshoot in but wow.... it has been busy! Monday I have to admit was a little bit strange... no class to prepare for and then Tuesday came and i was like wow I have so much free time on my hands.....not....then Wednesday..... that was when it all came to a halt and with the school phoning wondering where one was and another texting to see if i could call in for him to skip the next period...(won't mention any names....) then my neighbor Amber popped in to see Kianna, and then i told Manda I would come to her doctors appt with her, then pop in to the scrapyard cause i told Valery I would try.... (did I mention that she made Kianna a blanket and that it is absolutely amazing!!!! it has her name on it too.... i was like WOW! Gorgeous!!!! She is a sweetheart anyways!!!! For those of you that don't know her pop over and check out her blog.... give her some Lovin! yea so that is my life in a nutshell.... Crazy busy still..... I forgot to mention too that I had the priviledge of having supper with some of the girls from the scrapyard as well as two girls that are from 7 gypsies! I was so excited to meet them! What a great time we had! Nope I didn't have my camera with me! I know bad me but one of the others did so they may surface at one point! so fun though! Have a great rest of the week everyone! Chat soon!