Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Family shot....
actually thats not really true, there were some right after Kianna was born but this is the first 'dress up' one! lol Gotta love it but let me tell you our little Kade is a monkey(love him anyways though! and besides I like monkeys!) and totally didn't want to cooperate! Once the sucker came out he was a bit excited but his attention span doesn't last very long..... we will just have to settle for the 'candids'!

These next three shots of Sharla were taken today.... yes before the storm, actually it was beautiful when we were out! SHe is 36 weeks today so the countdown is on! SHe was up for pretty much anything so we had lots of fun!

Crazy how fast time is flying, hard to believe it is almost the end of June! Our little Kade will be 2 on the 29th.... doesn't stand still for any of us! Enjoy the rest of your week!



Valery said...

I love the "first" family shot (I'm laughing at little Kade with his sucker) and those pics of Sharla are amazing... she is gorgeous!

Marit said...

Ohmy... that's what happens if you aren't visiting blogs because you are busy writing workshops... on the other side of the world suddenly little baby's get born! WOW! Congrats Lynn!!! LOVE the pictures!!!