Thursday, March 29, 2007

Is everyone having a productive week????

Hard to believe that it is thursday! Wow this week definitely flew by for me, what about you girls whats everyone been up to! The kids are off school next week so not sure how productive i will be next week but who knows we will see....

here is the new packaged layout.... i know another pink one but it just feels like it is the right time of the year for it, don't you think??? Besides they are toooooo much fun! Thanks to everyone for the comments on my blog especially all you girls that are doing Emilys challenge it has been really fun seeing what all of you do with yours all over the world... I love it!1

have a great rest of your day ladies!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

ART CARD # 12..........

I can hardly imagine that we are three months in to this challenge, hope everyone is still interested... In this busy world it seems like it is hard to stick with something but it is so nice to just focus on your week and imagine how cool it will be to read all this stuff 5 or ten years from now!!!!!! Love that! Emily's prompt for the week was simply "I believe". the journalling on the back of my card reads:
a year and a half ago i am not sure if i would have believed that my dreams would come true... to have the perfect job, a wonderful family and a happy life... i now believe that anything can be accomplished through hard work and determination... Dreams really can come true!
Hope everyone is having a good week so far, feels a little bit like winter outside since we are in the middle of a snow storm!!!!!!!!Crazy Alberta weather!!!!!!!! Ronda wherever you are cruisin I would sure like to be with you!

Have a good one everyone!


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Here is the April Layout...

i know I know you girls all wanted a traditional Easter layout but you all know that i am not much of a traditionalist...( not sure if this is a word!!) Anyway, hope everyone is having a great week! the weather is getting better and Spring is right around the corner so that will be awesome!

The dates for classes are as follows:

April 5th Layout

April 12th Layout

April26th Album class(its a 12 x 12)

Don't forget ladies about the May Spring Thing on May 12th... I think I still have a spot or two left so if you are interested e-mail me...
Enjoy the rest of your day girls!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy Monday everyone...

first of all HERE is my 11th art journal card.... all we had to do this week was our initials! How fun is that!!!!! And since i love pink and don't get to use it much.... (jk) I thought i would use it!!!! Okay Okay so I over use it but I can't help it I love it!!!

Why is it that that weekends always FLY by???? I always feel like i have so much time and then Monday comes and I think, WOW what did I do all weekend.... We were supposed to work on invitations this weekend and then all of a sudden the boys said they are going to the Hockey game... so...... shopping won out, just girls, no inturruptions, no phone calls, nothing.... it was amazing so got some totally cute BLACK and WHITE polka dot shoes!!!!(like I need shoes) I definitely couldn't resist these sweet shoes...
Also thought i would let you girls know that LOVE2SCRAP has their site back up and running so if you want to check them out just click on the link.... Elsie Flannigan is coming for a chat to the site on Wednesday so make sure you check it out... Have a great rest of your day ladies...

p.s. I will post the April class schedule near the end of the week if not before, also don't forget about the May Spring Thing!!!!! It will be lots of fun, check the website out for more info!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Just the other day....

shalaina was wondering around the house snapping pictures of just about everything and anything.... there was no film in the camera but nobody else knew that!! It was priceless... It made my think of how much i hope that my children have the same passion that I have for recording history... a love for photography, and capturing a moment in time so that they can continue on the tradition that I have started...

This is the new layout package...

packages are $23.00 plus shipping and come with everything you see on the layout!!
I am so thankful that as time passes we have these precious memories that will remain there forever!!!!
Enjoy your day ladies!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

10th art journal card and.....

some help needed...

Hey ladies, hope everyone is having a good week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well yesterday was short skirts and flip flops and today it is snowsuit
weather! Welcome to Calgary! The sunny south is calling my name, at least
I think I hear it calling my! So this post is for two reasons, one
to share my 10th journal card... and... if you can see the picture I know it is small but it is
a picture of my studio that is a complete disaster!!!!!!! My friend Kathy e-mailed me last week and
we were taking about organizing our rooms and just different things that would make our rooms
easy to find things in and so on...... so my question to you girls is( i promised Kathy that i would post this so help us out!!!!!!!!!!)

What are some great ways to keep your 'Space'organized???

any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks girls!
talk to you all soon!


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hey ladies here is the March project....

Here is the project for the class on the 29th! I bet you girls are so proud of me! Imagine getting the project done so far in advance!!!! I know I know I am proud of me too! So this class is $30.00.... you get everything you see on the picture except of course the fabulous picture... I will show you how to do the whole painting technique and all the fun stuff that goes along with it! This is also available as a kit for any of you that can't make the class... Hope everyone is having a great week, one more day until Friday and it sunds like we get nice weather for the weekend! WOOOOOHOOOO!

Talk to you soon!


edited: this piece is done on a 10 x 10 wood frame.... it is a wall piece

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

9th art journal card.....
"inspiration found" is the topic for this week... i am not
sure about you girls but i get so inspired by LIFE in general
something someone says, or does, or what someone is wearing
or even just my mood for that day... Love this subject there is so much inspiration all around us...

so where have the last 9 weeks gone???? I feel like

we just started this challenge and here we are into it

9 weeks!! Wow!!!! Lots of little things going on this week

, busy getting packages together for the next 2 classes as

well as finishing up the wall project for the March 24th class

(I think it is the 24th!!) if not then whatever the date is....

just not by my calendar right now! For all you girls that were

wondering if I got Keith Urban tickets.... of course I made sure

of that one! I am not so sure if the seats are the greatest but

I don't care.... Love the guy!!!! Enjoy your week ladies, hope to

have some new stuff posted by the end of the week... and for those of you that ordered packages they will be sent on Friday!!!!
Enjoy your day everyone!!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Here are a few pics from our photo shoot today...
Today was so much fun spending the day with Manda and Cody and Natasha and Brodie taking their engagement pics. I love taking pics like this, for one they are very willing to participate and all around it is so much fun to share in the excitement of their big day ahead... Thanks for letting me capture this moment with you guys!!!!

Love this picture!!!

I am off to think about Emily's challnge for the week... something that inspires us... hmmmmm
Talk to you all later!


Friday, March 02, 2007


the end of another great week...

Hey ladies hope everyone has had a good week, I definitely haven't got that much accomplished but it has been a good week nonetheless... Today there are a few of us girls doing a little scrap shopping then out for lunch..... can't wait! Talk about a great end to a week!

Today is Rob and I's anniversary! Imagine 22 years! Since i have been with the guy since I was 13 years old it sure feeeeeeels like a long time!!!!!

a GREAT time but a long time!!!! Anyway we are going out for the evening so that will be fun!
AND in other news.......
I got an e-mail yesterday from Renee over at Love2scrap and she asked me if I would like to be part of their Design Team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so totally excited! One of my goals for this year was to be part of a design team so Renee if you are reading this.... Thank you thank you!!!! I am looking so forward to being part of a great team.... For those of you that haven't signed up over there yet make sure you do.... They are just in the middle of getting there website updated and fixed up so make sure you sign up and get in on the benefits of getting to know a great bunch of ladies....
This is it for Friday ladies I have some stuff to do here before I try to get tickets for Keith Urban at ten and then meet up with the girls! Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Just wanted to share a little bit....
of what I have been working on!
This is the original picture, so it goes
from this...

then to this...

Then this...

This is The March layout!!!!!!! What do you think???
I have been playing a little bit with my new photoshop program...(CS2)
and also with some actions, which you can find here.... this particular
action is called Urban acid... you can download
some free actions and play with them a little bit!!!!! Love the look... The only thing
is you can't use these actions with Elements. If you need any more info let me know!
Let me know if you are interested in the March kit, i may have a few left after the class!
Thanks Girls!
talk to you later
p.s. Guess who goes on sale tomorrow????????