Monday, June 25, 2007

It's Monday?????
K so apparently the weekend is gone!!!! just kidding but it sure did fly by.... we had Mandas shower on Saturday that was totally awesome! Loved it! I will post some pics soon! It was supposed to be a surprise but when she walked in the door she told Sharla and me that we aren't very good liars! Not sure if that was intended as a compliment or not.... lol anyways we tried and it was lots of fun! The only downfall about the whole thing was I bought a chocolate fountain because I thought it would be so cool and IT didn't work so If anyone knows anything about chocolate fountains and the secret to making them work let me know! I hope you all make sure to check out one little word for the winner for the word "MY" and also check out the cool slide show that Jessi did! It is awesome! Also make sure to check back on Wednesday to see what the next word is! For today I will leave you some pictures from my mom and dads yeserday out in Vulcan... it was lots of fun! The boys all went golfing and the girls just hung out and visited!
this is it for today ladies, see you wednesday!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Where has a week and a half GONE????

So I have no excuses as to what I have been doing except that life and kids and hockey and scrappin and housework and yardwork and laundry and suppers and................. anyway you get the picture!!!!! Not sure if anyone has checked one little word this week but I put a technique up there on solvent transfers.... i know most of you know how to do them but there are a few newbies.... so go check it out if you haven't already.... here are a couple of pics of the tutorial, totally cool how it turned out and if you check back here next week and over at one little word, i will show you what i did with the rest of it!

If you want to know all the instructions check it out at one litte word! you will love it! I promise to have a good post next week and I will try to be better in my blogging, I promise.... Have a great weekend everyone and don't forget the deadline for the layout at one little word is tonight!

I'm out!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Good morning EVERYONE!!!!!

Just wanted to post the layout for the 'one little word' challenge this morning.... There is some amazing layouts on there his morning! Not only from the Creative Team but it is only 8:42 and two ladies have already polsted there layouts! i wish I could be that fast, unbelievable! So far the response has been totally fabulous and it has been so much fun already, love every minute of it!

So........... classes are done now until the fall............... not sure about you ladies but so far I am in a bit of a withdrawal! Crazy I know but it seems like a long time before September, not that i don't have lots o do but.................. Anyway here is the layout, make sure that you girls get over there and check it out! If you don't know how to post your layouts let me know and I will help you out, all you need is a scanner or a digital camera thats IT! Have a great day ladies!


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hope we don't start floating....

o.k so maybe we won't start floating but WOW what a lot of rain! So whats everyone up to? Busy I am sure, at least we have had some nice weather, the grass is growing and all the flowers look amazing.... I will share some pics of my yard on my next post! Maybe give them another week! It is so hard to believe that the kids will be ut of school shortly and there will be no routine! Woooooohooooo do i sound excited? Totally am! For those of you that haven't been over to 'one little word' this morning, go over and check it out! Amber has a little creating process that she is letting everyone in totally awesome and for those of you that are doing the word chaalenges great layouts! I have tried to comment on as many as possibe I am sorry if I haven't go to everyone but that is a ton of comments! lol Here is a layout i did for guest designer over at Serendipity:

Hope you like it! Stay dry everyone and remember you still have two days to get your "STOP" layouts done!