Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Good morning EVERYONE!!!!!

Just wanted to post the layout for the 'one little word' challenge this morning.... There is some amazing layouts on there his morning! Not only from the Creative Team but it is only 8:42 and two ladies have already polsted there layouts! i wish I could be that fast, unbelievable! So far the response has been totally fabulous and it has been so much fun already, love every minute of it!

So........... classes are done now until the fall............... not sure about you ladies but so far I am in a bit of a withdrawal! Crazy I know but it seems like a long time before September, not that i don't have lots o do but.................. Anyway here is the layout, make sure that you girls get over there and check it out! If you don't know how to post your layouts let me know and I will help you out, all you need is a scanner or a digital camera thats IT! Have a great day ladies!



mabaco said...


Anonymous said...

Morning Hon:
Absolutely beautiful layout. Was wondering when you'd use that pic. I love that pic. of you and the family.
Love ya,

Kimberly White said...

Great Word Lynn! And your layout is gorgeous!
What a beautiful picture of your family! Hope you have a wonderful day! Kim

Lis said...

Beautiful photo and layout, love the colours you used!

A.S.K.-P. said...

Lynn, what an ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL page! It's just GORGEOUS!




Karla said...

Congratulations on another round of classes done!!! And your page is so you! I call you my Layer Queen. You add just the right this and that and ALWAYS have amazing photos to pull it all together. LOVE your take honey


Cheryl Wray said...

Oh, yay!! I didn't know there was a new word up and NOW I DO. Going to check it out right now!!
have a great night!

chanel said...

cool LO ... enjoy your day!

jessi said...

Love the Lo!!!

I can't believe there 2 already posted that early...totally fast, but really cool!!

have a great day!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn, I'm channelling a bit of Lori here, but need to know why you can help a few of us out here and do some of these us as pkgs?! I'm also feeling a bit of withdrawl, but need a little something to give me a boost at finding my juices again. It really is another beautiful layout! Keep up the great work!

gloria said...

nice LO!!

Paula said...

Gorgeous page, as always Lynne.
Mine is finally coming together & hope to get it done tonight after work!

Anonymous said...

hey gal, do you teach all your classes from home or at a lss? love the layout. email me!

Anne Thompson said...

I love your photos Lynn! You always have great pics!

Linda said...

Hey thanks for posting a comment on my lo (My lil 3 blessings) on two peas. Love the lo you did for the challenge. Great job.

MsGrace said...

This is Fabulous...I wondered to your blog after you commented on mine for the one little word challenge. I amso happy I found that. It is so fun checking out all the great stuff you all make!!