Thursday, May 31, 2012

Layout #19!
Okay so I thought I had posted my last post only to go on this evening and see that it was just a draft! Sorry my bad.... Kelsey if you are reading my blog I haven't forgot about your parcel.... I am away for the weekend and I promise to send it when I am back next week! I seriously don't know where the week is gone but it is gone...
I have a couple things to post one is my layout for next week...
Once again.... Phot credit goes to Shar! She was able to get this gorgeous shot of Kianna!!! I LOVE It!!!! She is such a sweetie!
Next is my happiness journal for next weeks class... I LOVE how it is turning out! I LOVE how big it is already and chunky... full of fun fabulous memories!!!! I really love it!
this is just a little preview of the album pages but Looks so fun heh???
Anyways Lori and I and a few others are off for the weekend to go to farm chicks and I can hardly wait! will be so much fun!

Until next time!!!!


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So glad Shar takes Pics....

 Little miss Kianna had a birthday on Sunday!!! Shar made the cutest little t-shirts for all three of them! Gotta love it!!!!

 i wonder if they will grow up great friends... some days i so wish I knew the future... not only for them but for everyone I know... for my family and my friends.....
sweet boy!!!!
Love this cute picture!!!

Why is it every day just goes by so fast? seriously it just goes... like a whirlwind...  I think my life is in fast forward, it worries my cause I am not quite sure how to stop it... and I have to say not everyday is fabulous.... there i said it.

 do you ever feel like you have total control of your life and all of a sudden you don't?

yep that is how i feel today......

hope tomorrow I wake up and its a good day...

here is the layout for this week and yes I know that the class is done,
my apologies....

this layout was a fun one! it was so fun to see everyones pictures... everyones turned out just a wee bit different and I love that...

Until the next time everyone....


Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy May Long weekend!!
Here is hoping we will get a  little bit of nice weather.... would love to get outside and finish up my yard....
I wanted to post layout #17 before the weekend got away on me...
Sharla got another fabulous picture of Manda and Kianna! Love it a lot!
How has everyone been? My Shabby chic 5 will be coming to an end in a few weeks, i can hardly believe it... and I know i will be in withdrawal again for the summer! I am planning a couple of things at the store for the summer but not too much.... No one really likes to be inside over the beautiful summer days and I can't say I blame them! Enjoy your weeekend everyone and get out and enjoy it....

Until next time,


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Didn't even take a picture....
I will next week cause I think everyone will be home.... i hope at least.... wanted to post my layout for this week and maybe a picture or two because a blog post wouldn 't be the same without at least one picture! lol Hope all you moms out there had a fabulous day today... mine was great!
Here is layout #16.... four more to go....i can hardly believe it... how did that happen? its all good we will come up with some fabulous classes over the summer!
And some pics that just make me happy...

hope you all have a fabulous week!!!!


Monday, May 07, 2012

ahhhh sweet sunshinethe sunshine makes everyone so happy! I love it, makes a day that much better! I am getting ready to leave for my class tonight but I wanted to post quick before I left! ahhhh.... so last minute!
before I post thelayout though I have to post a shot of my 'sweet 16' today!
Where does  the time go? so hard to believe!
Happy Birthday hunny bunny! hope you have had the best day ever!
and the layout for this week, layout #15~!

and also a shot of the kids when they went to the zoo last week! Its so hard to get them all looking at the same time..... SHar did good!

Hope you all have a fabulous week!

p.s Go out and enjoy the sunshine while you can!