Thursday, May 31, 2012

Layout #19!
Okay so I thought I had posted my last post only to go on this evening and see that it was just a draft! Sorry my bad.... Kelsey if you are reading my blog I haven't forgot about your parcel.... I am away for the weekend and I promise to send it when I am back next week! I seriously don't know where the week is gone but it is gone...
I have a couple things to post one is my layout for next week...
Once again.... Phot credit goes to Shar! She was able to get this gorgeous shot of Kianna!!! I LOVE It!!!! She is such a sweetie!
Next is my happiness journal for next weeks class... I LOVE how it is turning out! I LOVE how big it is already and chunky... full of fun fabulous memories!!!! I really love it!
this is just a little preview of the album pages but Looks so fun heh???
Anyways Lori and I and a few others are off for the weekend to go to farm chicks and I can hardly wait! will be so much fun!

Until next time!!!!


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Kelsey said...

Saw some photos from farm chicks on the Scrap Yards Facebook many neat finds. Hope you ladies had lots of fun!
Lynn, your scrapbook pages are always beautiful! What is a must have scrapping tool for you?