Friday, June 08, 2012

So have you all heard about our event?
here are the particulars....
make sure you go and check it out at
it is gonna be fantastic... bring your friends!!!!
and it is with great sadness... that I announce that this coming week is mu last Shabby Chic class of the season... yep layout 20 is upon us and i am sad.... :(
However... that being said I am offering a couple of classes at the scrapyard in the summer! one of them that is coming up is a pizza party at the end of june... so if you are interested give them a call and see if there is room! it will be awesome!!!!
the other is a "week in my life" journal that is gonna be fantastic as well... that will be 2 classes... one at the end of July and one the end of August.... i am so looking forward to it
So make sure you give them a call and sign up for some of the summer classes!
next is the layout for this coming week!

Lots of fun techniques on this one... and what better way to wrap up the season... the title for this layout is
"to be continued"
cause we all know that there is still history to document....still moments to be recorded... still phots to be taken.....
 the moments of our lives.....
that by the way is the title for the next shabby Chic class.....
Speaking of that there is a sign up sheet for the next class!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and remember if you are looking for a fantastic getaway for the Long weekend in August... check out the scrayard... it will be a fantastic weekend!!!!


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