Monday, June 25, 2007

It's Monday?????
K so apparently the weekend is gone!!!! just kidding but it sure did fly by.... we had Mandas shower on Saturday that was totally awesome! Loved it! I will post some pics soon! It was supposed to be a surprise but when she walked in the door she told Sharla and me that we aren't very good liars! Not sure if that was intended as a compliment or not.... lol anyways we tried and it was lots of fun! The only downfall about the whole thing was I bought a chocolate fountain because I thought it would be so cool and IT didn't work so If anyone knows anything about chocolate fountains and the secret to making them work let me know! I hope you all make sure to check out one little word for the winner for the word "MY" and also check out the cool slide show that Jessi did! It is awesome! Also make sure to check back on Wednesday to see what the next word is! For today I will leave you some pictures from my mom and dads yeserday out in Vulcan... it was lots of fun! The boys all went golfing and the girls just hung out and visited!
this is it for today ladies, see you wednesday!


Anne Thompson said...

sweet pics! And I'll have to ask my MIL about the choc. fountain. She just had a white fountain forr my SIL's baby shower and it was gorgeous. I'll let u know!

Anonymous said...

Good morning Lynn:
Sounds like you had a GREAT weekend. Love the pics. of the girls with grampa. There beautiful. I can see some great layouts coming up. Told you a bit about the fountain yesterday, you have to melt the chocolate in a double boiler and use cream (half n half) is what I'd use. That's what some women have told me - so I'm going to try that next time as I've had trouble with mine also. Good luck.
Love ya,

Tannis said...

My mom has one of these so i'll ask. I hope you guys had an awesome time!

Lisa Marie said...

I have a Choc fountain and we have used it a number of times. I always buy the Chocolate made for the fountain from Sobeys. I melt it first in the mic,on medium and stir it lots, then we pour it into the fountain and its ready to go. We used it Monday nite for a shower and it was awesome. I have never had any issues with it. I just HATE the clean up part!! Very Messy

Kimberly White said...

Hi Lynn! Glad you had a good weekend - crappy about the choc fountain (they are wonderful when they work ... I have no tips for you though). Loving those pics (I have been to Vulcan - can you believe it?) Have a great day! Kim

Renee said...

Great photos Lynn...almost feels like I'm right there in person when I look at your photos...oh and for the record....chocolate fountains are totally yummers....;)

Danielle said...

Those are FABULOUS photos Lynn!!!

I know what you mean about the weekends...they seem to fly by so quickly here too :)

jessi said...

those photo's are great!! you're girls are beautiful!!!

have a fabulous day!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Those are such sweet, sweet pics!!
I love the new word up at OLW! Of course, I haven't done it yet...but I will!!!