Sunday, June 27, 2010

and a beautiful day it was!!!!
since this is technically my first weekend of summer, you gotta love this weather!!!! Wow! Now bring on more heat and we will all be happy! Had such a great weekend! Everyone was around here yesterday and we literally hung out outside all Day!!!! It was awesome! Then we had a barbeque for supper! So fun! Today we had a quick lunch and then a whole bunch of us went out to a great little park out in Airdrie! It was another great day!!! Lots of sunshine and fun times! The kids all had a great time, they will all sleep good tonight! Just wanted to share some more of my favorites from this week! Have a great day tomorrow, it's supposed to be a hot one!!!!

These two are going to make such great parents! Can't wait!!


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Denise said...

your photos are wonderful Lynn!