Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So glad it's Friday.....again.....
another crazy busy week! So glad that tomorrow is Friday! It is word up again over at OLW( if you haven't played along go and check it out! So fun! Jessi picked the word this time..... 'GOOD'..... it's all good! After the week I have had, I really have to say to myself it's all good.... SOmetimes we go through experiences that really make us sit back and do a little check.... I have realized that LIFE is what you make it and only we can change a bad sitution.....
I have a few pics to share with you..... I forgot to add this one in Sharlas grad shots.... I love this one though and had a little bit of fun with it in photoshop!

sweet little Kades toes.... He isn't too sure about the grass! lolHrd to believe he will be one next week!

had more fun in photoshop with this one of Cole!!!!
and lastly my layout for OLW! Life is what you make it so mke it GOOD!
Have a great weekend everyone!



Marit said...

Loved your LO the minute I saw it on SIS! Your photo's look GOOD too! Love the black and white ones!

Anne Thompson said...

Cuuute! Can't believe Kade is going to be one already!

mandysea said...

Stunning stunning photos!!!

Love your OLW Layout - its breath-taking!

Cody, Amanda and Kade said...

Great pics mom. Love the little toes pic..so him!! ha ha!!!
Love the pic of shar...and cole...very cute!!!

Lisbet said...

Long time since I took a inspirationsurf around the net. I really need to gather lots of fun ideas.