Friday, December 29, 2006

So here is my exciting news today...

My daughter is getting married!!! Holy cow, I think I am way too young

for this.... well not really but most days i feel too young! lol jk Manda,

totally excited! I wondered what the year 2007 would bring! So sounds

like we are having a summer wedding! I think we will be busy!!! I totally

love busy though!
On another note....
I wish everyone a fabulous New Years... I won't be blogging for a few days
so if you don't here from me you will know why!
Talk to everyone next week!
WOO HOO!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to you and Rob on the exciting news, and of course to Manda and her man. I'm wondering if it was the ring she showed us on ebay that night? Anyways, hope all goes well with all the planning, and everything goes off without a hitch! Just think, next step is grandbabies! (haha)

Anonymous said...

LYNN: Holy smokes!!!! Congradulations hon. Rob and you must be so excited. Way to go Amanda. I'm so happy for you honey. Lynn, we can trade ideas for weddings - as you know all three of my kids are getting married this year too. WOW. Also you know that I'm making three engagement books. Guess you'll be making one too. Okay, we have to have a day together and get on this. I've the cappuccino machine-we're ready. AND, the layout of the two of them is truly beautiful. Lynn, what am I going to do with you!!!! You do it every time. Just a minute - I had to run to the washroom. (Private joke). Proud of you. Congradulations, feels GREAT doesn't it.
Love you bud,
P.S. When I started typing - I couldn't believe I was the first one. Do I get a prize!!!!! Too bad, Annika.

Anonymous said...

Cynthia: Darn it. It was the few minutes I had to take to look up how to spell cappuccino and being blind didn't help with the small print. Sick with the flu and my brains not working so had to get the correct spelling.

Anonymous said...

I'm back: I was in such a hurry to talk to Cynthia that I didn't read her blog until after I'd responded. And Lynn if you beat me in the baby department-I'll be mad. You'll be taking a picture of my face and doing a layout, which I will instantly be showing my kids. What's going on here!!!! Lynn beat me.
Love you Lynn,
This blogging business is fun. Run this off Lynn and use it on the page if you beat me.

Anonymous said...

Lynn, congratulations to your family, and especially to Amanda and her "fiance"! I hope you have lots of fun helping to plan her special day! She will be a stunning bride and you will be beautiful as MOTB! Incidentally, is that layout for sale or what????? Cheers, Lori P.

Renee said...

Congratulations Mommy on your baby getting married!!!! How wonderful for your family!!! Planning will be busy but I highly recommend a tropical wedding...cut down on the cost!!! LMAO! Have a blast planning and creating with your daughter!

BR@NDY said...

Congrats! I have been 14 a bridesmaid. I am in the fifteenth final wedding in April. All my friends tell me I should plan weddings for a living. You could say that I am a veteran. Too funny. Congrats you will have so much fun...just don't STRESS! It will all come together in the end!

glo-girl said...


i am totally not ready to think about that yet!!

:P my babies are waaaaay to young!!

jessi said..., congrats this is sure to be an exciting time for your family and especially your daughter!!! hav a great new years and I am still hoping to come and take one of your classes...doesn't look like I will make it to your album class on the 6th (sad!!) and that Lo you posted is absolutely beautiful!!! have a great night!

Anonymous said...

Congradulation Lynn, Rob, Amanda, and the lucky fellow. You are about to have soooo much fun. Lynn its such a special feeling, you are about to experience. With your talents I am sure that it will be a beautiful wedding. To you and your family HAPPY NEW YEAR. Can't wait to get back to classes.

Tammy said...

I want details....the ring, how he asked? etc...etc...
That is so cool! Congrats!
Iam so jealous!

Anonymous said...

congrats to your familiy. yes, from your avatar, you do too young to have a married daughter:) happy new year!!

Danielle said...


Have a Happy New Year too Lynn!!!

Ronda P. said...

Congrats to you, your daughter & your family! Such exciting times. BTW, I don't think you look old enough to have a daughter getting married!

Kimberly White said...

Congradulations Lynn! How wonderful for you and your family (especially your daughter)! What a beautiful layout you posted! Wishing you a wonderful 2007 - may all your dreams come true!

Anonymous said...

OMG girl...congrats! You are going to be a the layout...beautiful!

Ki Kruk said...

Huh???? You have a daughter that is old enough to get married???? WOW - you're going to be a gorgeous mother of the bride! Enjoy all the planning and scrapping!

Anonymous said...

Thats brill news, you must be soooooo excited!! So are we getting an invite to the wedding?????
Debbie, Scotland

Anonymous said...

No way, you have a daughter who is that old...holy smokes...what kind of anti-aging face cream do you use!!!

Sarah said...

Wow...congratulations!!! What a great start to 2007. Happy New Year!!