Monday, December 11, 2006

Here is a great idea...
I know most of you probably have all your
Christmas decorating done but found this idea
and had to share it!! Isn't this great! I can't take
the credit for it cause like I said I found it but
I really like it! All you need is a cookie sheet,
some cool christmas embellies and some great
Christmas paper, like the basic grey Christmas
stuff. Paint the cookie sheet, mark out your calendar
grid add all your funky numbers, words, and the rest
of whatever you have, tie a great bow at the top and
there you have it...another great Christmas decoration!
Have fun and if you guys do one send it to me I wanna see
Have a great day gals!


Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn, thanks for posting this! I'm going to try to get one done this week yet-nothing too fancy, it'll be for the kids.

Anonymous said...

This is just the coolest Christmas decoration, Lynn, I just love it. I love all the cool embellishments on it ... wish you could've done a class wth it. Maybe next year!??? Cheers, Lori P.

Anonymous said...

I love it. I love it. I love it!


Renee said...

What fun! Going to have to save this idea for next year!!

Kimberly White said...

Very cool!

Tannis said...

u did this one though right? It is sooo nice! I think I may make one too. Did you post this for the L2s CHALLENGE? i think Maite or Corri set one. this is so awseome

Tannis said...

hey missy! Where did your gallery go? Am I so sleep deprived I just can't find it?

Lynn said...

hey tannis just go to you will find the gallery there... For some reason the link on my blog is just taking me to my blog!! Computer stuff gotta love it!

Lynn said...

I didn't know about posting stuff for the challenges, let me know what to do and yes I did this one! Love it!

jessi said...

hey lynn...this is fabulous...I saw these last year on 2 peas and wanted to make one...still want to make one! one of these years I will get to it!!! yours is beautiful!! and for posting to challenges on L2S all you have to do is go into the Dt and member challenges and post a reply to corry's calendar challenge, before you hit the submit button...right above that is a browse button, click it. Than choose your picture from your computer, in this case the calendar, and it should appear in the bar right infront of the browse button...hit submitt!! Or you can uplaod your calendar to the gallery, click on your image as if you're going to view it and cut the address in the address bar(highlight it and push ctrl x), than go into the Dt and member challenges forum and go to corry's calendar challenge thread and post a reply, and add your image by pasting it ( hit ctrl v) and hit submit! it will link it from the gallery to that thread for you!
So i hope this helps and makes a little sense...I believe I said I am not so great at instructions...but you got your blogged linked to your i can't be that!!! can't wait to see it!! sorry for the long reply!!

Ronda P. said...

This is so awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, we were all at a class at Lynn's the other week when she showed us this. How beautiful is that!!!! Told everyone at class that I should make one, my kids would all say, "Hey mom, you finally found a use for your cookie sheet." Dang kids (all adults now). Who the hecks their mother???????? Their right though - I don't need that dang cookie sheet (HATE cooking) so after Xmas I'm makin' one and I'll for one time be ahead of the game.
AND, ya Annika loved,loved,loved it. She begged to have it. Boy, we have a great time at classes don't we. I LOVE that - Lynn - the classes - all the women. What a hoot. Thanks Lynn, it's through you we all get to be together.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

that is a cool idea...tfs!

Stacy said...

hey i like this idea lynn i may lift need something for my stepmom cool idea though!!

Kimberly Kwan said...

Really, really great! I think the original "scrap-goddess" who first did that was Teresa McFayden (of Foof-a-la fame) and yes, they are a BLAST to make! I've made a couple over the years...just gotta make sure you get cookie sheets that are truly magnetic. One year I accidentally bought jelly roll pans (thinking they'd work) but they were not magnetic!