Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Here it is....
Hey girls... So this is the coolest thing ever! I had no idea
what a R.a.k. was until I was on someones blog...(Thanks Tannis, great idea!) It is a random act of kindness.
So i got thinking what a great idea it was and thought about what i would like
to give away for a R.a.k. So here it is, an altered cd. You get everything you see
here on the cd, except the picture of course! These little kits make great gifts, i
started the tradition last year and i know everyone has enjoyed them! They are
also for sale for $12.00 if anyone is interested! I have 3 to give away though
so at 10:00 tonight I will draw 3 names!!! How cool is this....
Good luck ladies, and please make sure that I have your e-mail addresses
so that I can contact you and get your addies to send you your gift!! Have a great
day ladies!


Anne Thompson said...

That is such a cool idea! I've never heard of a R.a.k That's very cool. Anne cnathompson@shaw.ca

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn, the cd is very cool! It would make a great Christmas tree decoration too! Hope you get lots of responses to this one!

Renee said...

Hey yoooo hoooo over here!!! Pick me!!! (see jumpin' donkey) pick me!!!! wren_mc@yahoo.ca by the altered cd looks so fab!!!!

jessi said...

that is totally beautiful!!! and totally thoughtful!!! here is my info...lute_33@hotmail.com I meant to leave you my email addie yesterday...I am hoping you can email me the info when you have it on that album class. ciao for now!

Tammy said...

That is so sweet!!

Anonymous said...

That is awsome always knew you were so talanted.Now i can see how you can totally get addicted on scrapbooking .Your web site is amazing always look forward to see whats going on in your corner of the world.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. YOUR FRIEND DEB.

Lynn said...

o.k. girls so you all get one!!!! I can't pick that wouldn't even be nice! Send me your addies to my e-mail address! Thanks girls hope you enjoy them!


Lynn said...

p.s. I am totally surprised there is only 6 of you!!!!

Tammy said...

Sweet Sweet Sweet!
I cant believe you! Actually I can You are one of the sweetest little chicks I know!!!
You are one amazing lady! I really want to be you when I grow up! Even though you are only a year (right) older then me!
Ha ha ha
Thanks so much Lynn!
I think I will do a RAK to someone too!
What to do.......
Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

Lynn, you are by far the sweetest person that I know! A heart bigger than the moon! The creativity that comes from it should be awarded! Well, you know we love you anyways...

Anne Thompson said...

Thank you that is so cool, and I'm super excited!

Anonymous said...

To my one and only GOOD FRIEND thanks alot i never win anthing you get Me INSPIRED.Keep on sraping you r good at it.D. H.

Tammy :) said...

Hey Lynn,
went and had photos done at Teres today!
She is such a NICE gal!
I cant wait to get my photos back!
My dog has been diagnosed with cancer so she got us in right away so we could get some special shots with her. She is excerptional! I love how she pays such attention to detail!
Thanks for the tip!

Tammy :) said...

Cant spell! no spell check! Exceptional

BR@NDY said...

Isn't RAK the best? Totally fun.

TammyBrownlee said...

i cant belive i missed this...good luck ladies...great RAK Lynn! ;o)

jessi said...

wow thanks...that is such a sweet thing to do!!!

Anonymous said...

That is super nice Lynn! I LOVE having pictures on my Christmas tree but this is SO much prettier than any of my store-bought ones - what a great idea to do with all those old CDs from way back when (let's just not say how far back we're talking - ha, ha!) I see your RAK idea has gotten lots of people blogging, great idea! (P.S. PICK ME - hee, hee!)
Cheers, Lori P.

Anonymous said...

Oh, crap. I guess I missed it. Was at work all day yesterday. Oh well, I can't complain ... I'm still excited about the quote layout. And I STILL think the altered CD is a great idea for a Christmas decoration AND I LOVE the RAK idea too - great job Lynn!

glo-girl said...

cute idea!!

scrapcat said...

hi lynn!

thanks for your comment on MY blog ;)

aren't RAKs fun?

love the CD!

Tannis said...

double crap ! I missed it too. My computer needs to go in and I keep putting it off but it is getting worse.So hey, I'll just order one instead. Hook me up! Email me your addresse and I'll throw a cheque in the mail:)Thesea re gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Good mornin Hon:
Great CD layout, did your one last year. I just finished it too. In my mess somewhere down there, I'd forgot until I saw your new one - will go dig it up and put it on my Victorian Tree, which by the way looks fantastic. You have to come for coffee and see it. Love the new CD. Am going to show all my girls and see if they'll get one - this might inspire them to get scrapbooking. Jenn for sure would love this. Will email you later. I hope you have a few of them to sell. Will let you know tomorrow. I read you blog, we all get one - how wonderful. I know you were joking-hard to pick hey Lynn. It's a beauty. For all of you out there - I met Lynn's parents at the scrap-a-thon, and her dad told me she gets her talent from him. Ya right, maybe mom. Anyway Lynn, need to know your maiden name, I think I'll take your dad to lunch and pick his brain.
I'm waiting for summer and will get your friend to take our family photos. I can't wait - what only 6 more months of winter and then I'll get pics. Dang. Also, a little note, Tammy, I'm sorry to here about your dog. You'll have a great time doing layouts though, with all those great pics.
Lynn, the best part about the CD is that beautiful looking family. Hi to the gang.
Love ya,

Danielle said...

Those cd's are just gorgeous Lynn!!!!

Pick me ~ I need one for my tree :)