Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I got my R.a.k....
So today i was totally excited!!! Went to get the mail and
I got my R.a.k. from Tannis! Super fun! It totally made my
day! Thanks Tannis!
Have a good one everyone!


Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous! What a nice surprise! Speaking of RAK's, try this one ... next time you're behind someone at a till and their bill comes to $3.71 or something like that, throw down the penny for them. I did it today to this woman in the dollar store and you'd think she had won the lottery she was so thrilled!!! Who knew something so simple could make someone's day so special? It was kind of funny. Anyway, just an idea for a real simple "random act of kindness" (but nothing as great as this one of course!) See ya Thursday, Lynn!

Anonymous said...

Great RAK Tannis, that's exactly Lynn for her home. I can see her face, she would absolutely love it. Here's another RAK, both my girls drive to work together and they always go thru Tim H. for a coffee - when they got to the window they were told the young girl in front of them had bought their coffee's and ask the girl to tell them to have a great day. That's all they talked about all day. Both of them watch Ophray and as she say's, "Pay it forward."
So they were going to do the same thing. We should all be so kind all year round.
Love ya bud and see you Thurs. evening.

Sarah van Wijck said...

Hi Lynn, thanks for popping by my blog...it's nice to 'meet' all these people all over the world :) Love your work you have posted on your blog, and lucky you to receive a RAK...it's so much fun isn't it!!

Kimberly White said...

First of all - cool RAK from Tannis (and the other ideas from your friends). Second - hoping you are having a lovely day! Third - Thanks for all the lovely comments on my blog - it makes my day! Kim =)

Anonymous said...

Sorry my little postman elf was a little bit of a procrastinator! Glad it FINALLY arrived. I am totally for the Oprah pay it forward thing too. I have been trying to do this with people I find difficult to deal with. talked to my mom for the first time in a year and it felt good to be the bigger person!

iralamija said...

Beautiful creations!!!