Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What a week....

So every year i know that Christmas is coming! and...
every year I wait until the very last minute, then I ask
myself WHY do I do this every single year!!!! The mall
is crazy the traffic is insane and here i am doing it all over
again! CRAZY! I know that I do work better under pressure
but really this is CRAZY!!! On a lighter note how is everyone
doing with their shopping? Are you done? Are you ready for
Christmas? I really do LOVE this time of year, Love
just enjoying Christmas day (after the shopping is done!) It
seems like it is the only time of year that you don't have to feel
guilty about doing nothing!!!! Hope everyone has a great day!
I have to clean my house a bit more and then get a bit more done
for Christmas!
Talk to you all later!



Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn. I know what you mean about the whole enjoying the day. Truly the only day nobody questions you if you stay in your pj's till noon! To unwind a bit I've got plans to have some of the "girls" over one evening without kids and men to just snack, have a few beverages and chit chat about our Christmases. I highlyrecommend it to everyone that can find the time! Hope you have a great Christmas with your family!

Kimberly White said...

Hi Lynn - my dh is taking me shopping this afternoon for those last minute presents. I'm usually so much more organised - I guess I fell off the flylady bandwagon this year. Hope you have a great day and a wonderful Christmas!

Anonymous said...

hey girl...last minute...that would be me too!!!!

Hope you get everything you need done!!!!

Have a great day!

Stacy said...

i am done but i need to get cracking on my wrapping lol!!

Ronda P. said...

Love this time of year. I am done, well mostly. I am waiting on one package which means I will have to wait in line again at the post office. It will be worth the wait to see my little man's face!

Anonymous said...

I'm done the shopping part ... it's the wrapping I'm not looking forward to! And how the heck do you wrap a golf club anyway??? That will be interesting. So things are pretty calm around here, except the girls both have croup so I'm enjoying my sleepless nights (insert extremely sarcastic "ha, ha" here!) Hopefully they will be better in time to enjoy the festivities we have planned for Christmas Eve. Anyway, Lynn, I sure hope you and your family have a very wonderful Christmas Eve & Day together! See you next year!!!
Love from, Lori P.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn, isn't that what its all about, the hustle and bustle. And of course the real story of Christmas 'The Birth of Christ'. Wishing everyone Merry Christmas and Peace and Happiness in the New Year.
- Marilyn

glo-girl said...

done with my shopping.
whether i am finished or not.

BR@NDY said...

still not done making stuff of course, but those get mailed out and it is always after christmas for distant friends. Shopping is done for sure. Now to just clean...hmmm can I take a raincheck on that one?

Anonymous said...

Hi ya Lynn:
Whew!!! I know what you mean. I promise myself the same thing every year. You know me, I HATE the mall and shopping - unless it's a speciality store EX: scrapbooking or antiques. Yesterday I stood 40 mins. in line for a mall gift certificate. Good thing I'm a cheerful person, as that could have made me reaaalllly grumpy. Like everyone else, I now have to wrap all the gifts. We had our first Xmas go round last Sat. as Bry and Kelly fly east tomorrow to have Xmas with her parents. Second go round coming up-wish I could stay in my P.J.'s most of the day but have to get ready for company for Xmas dinner.Although if Santa would bring me reallly nice jammies (sp) I could wear that. One's that totally cover me top to bottom-wouldn't want to scare anyone.
Anyways-the day always comes and goes and everything turns out great, with things finished or not.
Merry Christmas Lynn-Rob and the gang. And Merry Christmas to all who blog on Lynn's site.
Love ya bud - talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

done shopping but not cleaning until saturday night when the kids are in bed sleeping!! Then they can't mess anything up. I hope you get it all done. While at the mall- take a minute for yourself and get a mani or pedi and just stop to breathe for a minute. I did yesterday and it was awesome:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn, if you have a chance could you pass along to Lori P that the way to wrap a golf club is to buy one of the extra long shipping tubes from any place that sells shipping products, and stick it in there, then wrap the tube. I had that issue a few years ago.
Cheers, Cynthia

Anonymous said...

Hey, cheers Cynthia!!! He might still guess what it is, but at least it won't be PAINFULLY obvious with the big round thing sticking out the end! Will pick one up this afternoon, so thanks for the tip! God Bless!
Lori P.

jessi said...

last minute here too!!! But this year I was done a few days early...yay!! looking forward to just chilling now!!! going to my parents for christmas supper and going up to a friend's for new no work for me!!!! I just get to enjoy the festivities and quiet moments!! mery christmas lynn and hope you have a wonderful christmas with your family!

Renee said...

This is the first year in a long time that I was done early!!! Had to be as we met with my parents for Christmas early...I'm not entirely done wrapping...but hey that's the easy part! Have a great Christmas Lynn! Enjoy!

Tracy said...

I finished my shopping TODAY! I thought I was done yesterday, but then realized that wasn't true...feeling a bit dazed by all the wrapping I should be doing instead of BLOGGING! lol