Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Have you ever seen such a mess? I don't know how I even find anything in this disaster.... So first thing that I have to do is go and clean it up!! At least so that I can work and not get so stressed. Holy!!! Anyways.... things are crazy busy still but everything is coming together! Sorry to those of you in the Calendar club I know that I haven't been very good at sending layouts and I do apologize but there are so many things to get done!! Like for instance a poster is due tomorrow on the Rainforest in Brazil like what in the world do I know about this topic??? Anyway it looks like I will be finding out rather quickly since my darling little Cole hasn't even started it and it is due tomorrow!!( i hope his teacher isn't reading this!!) Life!!! with all these kids, good thing 2 of them are finished school otherwise I would have no time at all to scrapbook!! Well I better run along, back to work and see if I can get something accomplished!!! Oh by the way, those great little organizer bags at Michaels, i finally broke down and got one!!! They are on sale this week so I thought it might be good for classes and stuff, keep everything in one spot maybe!! We'll see but they are really cute!! I figured if you ladies have one then I wanted one too!!lol... Anyway talk to you soon,



Danielle said...

Hi Lynn!

Thanks for dropping by on my blog! It's great meeting people from all over the world :)

Loving your blog too!!! and your 5 children are BEAUTIFUL!!!

glo-girl said...

this is exactly what my desk looked like yest. morning....luckily i *had* to get organized for a gal who was coming over to scrap with me...otherwise i *still* wouldn't be able to see an inch of desk!


Lynn said...

Mine does look much better today but defintely no room for two too scrap, i will have to work on the other table next!!!


Anonymous said...

It's BEAUTIFUL chaos!!!! Love it, Love it, Love it!!! LOL -Karla