Monday, November 13, 2006

Here's a new favorite...

Here is one of my new favorites that I just finished!! Reminds me of how fast life goes and that I am getting older.... not old... just older! The kids made comments this weekend about remembering things that happened when they were "little"! I felt like saying wait a minute you are still little! Not really, Shalaina, the Baby is ten!! Where in the world does it go!
O.K. maybe I am getting OLD!


Anonymous said...!!! This is Amazing! no wonder you are teaching classes! Wow...this is the first page I have seen from you and I am so wanting to see more!!! Hurry up and post more LO's! LOL! Chat with you soon

BR@NDY said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your layout rawks! I hope it is okay that I add you to my blog list...I will be stopping back by!

Lynn said...

Thanks girls! If you go on my actual website and click on the Gallery page you can see lots more layouts!!!


Anonymous said...

Lynn, this layout is so beautiful. So looking forward to this class!!!