Thursday, November 09, 2006

Reminising Again...

So we went today, (even though the weather was nasty!) to give Shalaina some lunch....(I didn't have the heart to give the poor thing the same old lunch) We got there a bit early and she says....awwww mom, I wanted you to watch me be a patrol today.... awwww how cute is this!!! So I told her o.k. we will wait across the street and watch you! It was the cutest thing ever, here she was her legs couldn't stop moving and she was prancing around there like she was the Queen!! Too cute... Reminded me of WAYYYY back when I was a patrol!! I know can you just picture it! I too thought I was the queen bee, quite hilarious... Anyway better get back to work but thought that I better post something today!!!
Talk to you later,



Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn,
Forgot to tell you when you do that b& W leaving some color in. After you are all done you flatten the image (Layer, Flatten image)

I dont know if it makes a huge deal but I was just looking at my adobe book!

Have a good day!:)

Lynn said...

Thanks Tammy, any little tips help a lot!!

Dan said...

Sounds like Shalaina is a sweet little girl who has a proud and loving mom! ;)

Lynn said...

what a nice thing to say!!

glo-girl said...

i loved being a patrol.


the flag duty was my favorite.

of course.