Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Blast from the past...

This is way too funny, well not really funny but it brings me back to about grade 5 or 6.... this was my most favorite book in the whole world and now Shalaaina is bringing it home to read! She is totally in to it! She will tell me about a part of the book and I am like I totally know what happens next!! Hilarious!!
Have a great night ladies!!



Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn,
Oh my gosh!
We went as far as to have a group of 4 of us to walk around wearing a Black Rat Auction.
Do you get it???? A bra!
We called ourselves t" The Pre Teen Sweethearts"
Is that hilarious or what!
Thanks for the memory!

Lynn said...

I love it!!! Totally funny!

shalaina said...

hey mom how cool is that it is my favorite book ever! my favorite character is probably margret i will pass this book on to my kids. i am so glad my friend showed me this book.

love you

glo-girl said...

no way!
it has been FOREVER ago since i read that book...oh my GOSH you totally made me feel old tonight!!

okay, now i must hit amazon to get me a copy...

Lynn said...

I know the feeling I am totally going to read Shalainas when she is done!...

BR@NDY said...

that is awesome...GREAT CONNECTION!