Monday, November 27, 2006

Sweet sundays...

Definately not so sure about Monday mornings though when it is the -30's....Brrrrrr.

So I am not sure about you guys but I have had enough of winter already and we are just getting started. To all of you ladies that blog from a warm climate, ENJOY cause this really sucks!! On a lighter note, hope you are all checking out the sight, love it LOVE IT! There is a great group of ladies on there.... check it out it's awesome. There is a link on the right side of my blog... here is the layout for the calendar club group, just a standard 4 x 6 picture is good ladies, I will have everything else...
Stay warm everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn, love the layout, can't wait for the pizza party! Hopefully it's warmed a bit by then. I almost couldn't blog or view my emails today as the computer was acting crazy, thought it might blow up on me and I'd lose all my pic's. No more scrappin' without my pic's! Anyways, stay in where it's warm, hopefully we can all take advantage of the cold to catch up a bit on the projects.
Have a cheery day,

Lynn said...

My computer is acting wird too, wonder why? Anyway Saturday will be fun, see you then!


Anonymous said...

Hi ya bud:
Where did the weekend go!!!! All kids came home for Sunday dinner and had Sarah for the weekend. Was great. Had to babysit Jenn and Randy's animals, man, grandchildren would be BETTER.
Needless to say, like at your home, was a zoo around here. Looks like a bus went through my house. So, instead of being downstairs playing in my room - I'm cleaning the bus station. Cynthia's right, maybe the rest of the week can work on the calendar.
Great layout - I'm in. Can't wait for Sat. See you then and all the other gals. Your right, it will be fun,fun,fun.
Love ya and will email you in the a.m.,

Renee said...

Again another gorgeous layout've got some great style going there! I hear ya about the cold weather....brrrrrr

Anonymous said...

Wow!!That is an amazing layout. You have such talent Lynn. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

In Montana sitting at a hotel comuter by a front door and it is _20 10 feet away brrrrrrrrrr!
Just wanted to check out what you have been up to!
Great layout!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great layout Lynn! Your calendar layouts are making me wish I'd done one - next year for sure! I desperately need a scrapping night - am really hoping I can make the pizza party. Talk to you later, Lori :-)

Kimberly White said...

Beautiful layout Lynn! I'm getting cranky about the weather but I'm trying not to let it stop me! It's supposed to be warmer on friday (I love chinooks)!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn,
Great layout as per usual, I have not been doing any more but I know that santa is bringing me a lovely scrapbook to get started on and a few layouts, so cant wait to give it another go. Soo cold there? It is very wet over here in Bonnie Scotland, I'd rather have cold than wet!! Anyway keep posting your lovely layouts I love looking at them
Take care, Debbie

glo-girl said...

tee hee

i can't help but think you are referring to me when you say "enjoy the warm weather!"


i am- we are- we do!!


Lynn said...

I am referring to you about the warm weather... your teasing us by showing the kids having a water fight in the pool no

Tannis said...

is that a LO or christmas card? what a gorgeous photo! Do you take all these or did someone take this for you? LOVE LOVE LOVE it as usual. I will keep you posted about the weekend. depends on weather. May just stop buy and say hello and put a name to the face:)

Lisa M. Pace said...

I saw your comment on MR's blog so I thought I would come over and check out yours. I love your layout and can't wait for our first good cold blast in the Dallas area. It should hit tomorrow. Finally it will feel like winter.

jessi said...

hey lynnn...thought I would pop over and visit!!! love your LO's, they are fabulous!!!! and five kids??? wow!!! glad to have you on Love 2 Scrap!!! ciao for now!!!

Anne Thompson said...

Gorgeous layout! I'm in BC where it's about -20, but looks like you've got us beat!!

Anonymous said...

hey girl....BRRRRR right back at ya....this really really freak'n sucks doesn't it?!!!

Gorgeous layout as always!!!