Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ahhhh Sunday night and all is quiet.....
I have to say that the last little bit has been busy, more busy than normal and almost a little stressful.... wont go into details but there has been lots of little things going on that have made everything seem's crazy I know but I need to just take a deep breath and relax.... I can't change anything I just have to go with it... someone said today.... just think it is the beginning of a new week. Here's hoping this one is better than the last!
I wanted to share my layout for this coming week....
Layout #20!!
Makes me kind of sad that it is the last layout! (it always does!) I do know though that with the next class starting it is going to fun and different! I am looking forward to "new" so it will be all good!
Hopefully most of you that are in my class read this blog then you will get to see the layout! My apologies for not getting it sent out yesterday but we had some technical difficulties! Hopefully Susan can figure it out tomorrow and get it sent to you all! Hope you all have a really good week, I hope I do too!!!
Until next time,



Anonymous said...

I think this is one of my favorites, but they all are.

annika said...

It's gorgeous Lynn! Can't wait to do it!

Lori said...

Can you do a special class for me? ha, ha, ha