Saturday, March 09, 2013

Ok crazy life....
it's ok to slow down now... just a wee bit. Please?

Again ladies it has been ridiculously crazy busy!!! No excuses just don't really know how to manage my time very well and that is a fact according to my youngest little darling! lol
Ah well its all good, it is how i do things I guess and I am not sure if that will ever change!


not me, just

So on that note, I finished up my 20 week shabby chic class last week and it was so fabulous! Now I am starting a mini shabby class called Shabby Boot Camp! I am so excited! We will be "scrappin" in an old encyclopedia!!! So fun!
Here is my first layout!

Eeeekkkkk so excited to be starting this!
I have Loved doing my art journal class so this just feels so right! Love it! and I love the photo too so its a double bonus!
Have a fantastic rest of your weekend and I will see some of you next week!!!


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