Monday, January 11, 2010

Layout #10 i think!
sorry girls I am getting later and later getting these layouts posted but I am always so last minute! Sorry! ANyways if you need to know any sizes just call the store and if you need me to print just send them to me..... Have a great week!

p.s my last post wasn't really supposed to sound like I was having a bad day(or feeling sorry for myself....well maybe I was a little bit! lol) but I was thinking more on the lines that sometimes we feel like thinks are pretty bad and really there are so many things and people out there way worse off than we are..... and I LOVE that song!


wendela said...

wwwwww Lynn, this is so gorgeous!! love the transparant you used! Stunning work!

Denise said...

love the transparant photo-so cool. I like that song too Lynn and it's always a good reminder.