Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Better late than never.....
I took thses shots quite a little while ago but haven't posted them because they were a surprise! This was the best photshoot!! Sharla and I totally enjoyed ourselves and these guys were amazing to work with! They just did whatever I wanted..... especially Mr.F..... so fun!
Life continues to be crazy busy but lots of fun at the same time, Love the classes over at the scrapyard and all the girls that attend are awesome! We will be starting another session in late February or March so if you haven't signed up give them a call....
Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!



Cody, Amanda and Kade said...

Love the pics...they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Marit said...

Life's freakin' busy overhere too, but there was time for quick visit to wish you a nice weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

HI LYNN,great pics of kade getting his first haircut what memories you will all have when the kids are all gone from home and you are sitting twiddling your thumbs wondering to do ,you can go over all these memories totally awesome Wish now that I had been that smart talk to you later Love MOM.

Anonymous said...

First haircut. Great shots. Hope Amanda kept some hair for his book.
Thank you dear friend for the great shots you took of my kids. Was a wonderful Xmas surprize as you know. Good lookin bunch if I say so myself. My kids just LOVE you and I know you love them too.
How blessed are we the day we met.
Love you