Monday, January 18, 2010

Kade's First haircut!
Gotta love it the poor little guy was a wreck! Anyway he got over it and was fine after the hairdresser removed her scizzors out of his sight!! I told Manda that not to worry Cole still finds it a bit of a traumatic experience! lol

Today is a good day, feeling refreshed after the weekend.... Had a good weekend I might add, not that I did anything exciting but didn't have too much excitement at our house which usually is a good thing! Although a lazy weekend means a busy week so thats not so good but ah well.... such as life..... I am supposed to be posting the layout as we speak and realized that it is on my camera so as soon as I upload those pics I will post it.... You all know what size the picture is though and if not give the scrapyard a call!
Happy Monday!


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