Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New year to everyone....
wowwwww..... 2010? unreal! I hope that you all have the best year yet!
Lots of pics to post, so hope you can all bare with me.... First off wanted to post the lyout for the 10th shabby Chic layout class.... e-mail me or phone the Scrapyard to get the picture size.

This may bore you all but had to post some of my family! and yes Rob does have a very black eye but I still think he is hot anyways so does it really matter? and no he didn't get in a fight althouh I think the boys thought that would make a way better story! lol he had a litle accident with a hockey puck, you otta love that game!
Cody, Manda and Kade.... so glad that the little peanut is out of the hospital and doing so well!
the latest of all the kids, it was so cold and we were trying to get this done really fast!
another sweet little family picture!
Cute little peanut!
a very quick shot of all of us, ot the camera all set up and just told everyone to find a spot quick and get back in the house! (it really was cold!) Our little Kade deosn't even have his eyes open but oh well......
All for today everyone, Have a great week!



Valery said...

Your family pictures are amazing. So glad you were all together for Christmas. I look forward to seeing you.

Anonymous said...

hi guys just saw the pics of all of you they are terrific kade looking great Are you sure rob got a hockey stick in the eye poor guy it must have been very sore talk to you soon Love MOM.