Monday, April 23, 2007

Post #2 for the day....
Imagine two posts in one day and I definitely have at least one more for tomorrow!!! i have been tagged by Tannis and Sherri so here goes, we have to write 7 facts or habits about ourselves...
1. I love shopping, I am totally compulsive! Way out of control in fact with scrapbooking stuff!
2. I love shopping with my girls on Saturday...
3. Love tanning, it is one of my favorite things to do, other than scrapbooking of course.
4. Love the lake in the summer, especially chillin out on the boat (wait we sold it last year! Now what?), spending as much time with the kids as I can.... I know that it is going to get less and less frequent and I don't like it very much!
5. Love listening to music, anything goes love it all!
6. favorite colours right now are brown, blue and PINK... Love it the most
7. Enjoy my morning coffee with my hubbie, didn't know how much until I was away this weekend (which I never do, in fact I think everyone had a bit of mommy withdrawal, Sharla especially, she said don't you ever leave me hear I didn't get he chance to sit and have our coffee and morning chat and definitely have to admit that I REALLY missed it!
There you go girls, A little bit of info about me, kind of boring but this is me!!!!! I don't have seven people to tag cause they have all been tagged this week so thats that one!



jessi said...

great photo's!!! I love the one of the dock!!! glad you got some alone time!!! and great tag!!! love hearing little tidbits about all my blog pals!! have a great night!!

Linda said...

thanks for stopping by the blog and for leaving some good words...always like those. Love you site and I will definitely be back...Stop by me anytime too.

I really like your blog...your 7 were fun...i like fun and by the way, love the photos below, especially all the canoes. Great later...L