Friday, November 12, 2010

Girl your amazing....just the way you are....
yea so I LOVE that song.... totally love it actually and have wanted to use it on a layout for awhile! I asked Shalaina if you would sit for a few quick shots yesterday and she was so cooperative! (Actually I hd to beg her to do it for me! lol) no... seriously I HAD to beg! Sometimes my kids don't do what I want and that really bugs me! lol

I had to post a few pics of the babies too just cause they are so darn cute! Ella will soon be 4 months and Kianna will be 6 months! Time just flies way too fast!
How cute are they! I hope they will be B.F.F's always! I love this picture! Ella looks so happy with herself!One of the pictures My Miss Uncooperative posed for! Not bad considering she wasn't overly impressed! Impressed or not though.... I think she is 'amazing just the way she is'
Have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

gorgeous and amazing photos,

stunning layout too!!!


Valery said...

Amazing pics and layout Lynn.

Cody, Amanda, Kade and Kianna said...

Great layout that song on there its awesome. Cute pics of the girls too!:)